Eighth June Blog


Eighth June Blog.

As in previous blog, counting down June,
(though maybe still one or two to go.)

Has anyone noticed how many different eggs are coming onto the market in recent times?

********The picture contains top left Buff Orpingon, top right Leghorn White, bottom left Costwold Legbar and bottom right Burford Brown.*********

Not the kind of blog you usually get, eh?

Well, it is sparked today by a new set of four “try out ” eggs. One egg is a brown Buff (I could be wrong, but I seem to remember an old breed called something like Orpington Buffs. (now to stop and check with Google). YES! Was correctamundo. Buff Orpingtons. OK, so, got one of those.

Anyone remember the cartoons with “Foghorn Leghorn”? (Ok, so Foghorn was a rooster, but you get what I mean). LWell, looks like one of those, a white, and the largest egg of the set of four. Next is an egg which we, in our housr, eat every week, buy none other, a Burford Brown, which, unless you keep your own chickens, we reckon are the best tasting eggs around.

The last egg is a Legbar, somewhat greenish blue in colour. Been around in the posh supermarket for quite a long time ( not my favourite – which I have just disclosed are the Burford Browns. — the duck from the same Company are called Braddock Whites and another good tasting egg -but duck). So, on the whole, if you are a bit conservative about your eggs, buy the same old, same old variety every week, this selection gives you the buyer, a chance to try other varieties. Us, being the triers that we are, are giving them a go. Hope to pass on our views on the three ‘new to us’eggs next time. Am reminded to mention these are not really for cakes or merangues, but for poached, boiled or fried really.

This also brings me to the point, are you triers? Do you stick with the same old foods all the time. We do, until we find something that, in our opinion, cannot get currently beaten for taste mainly, but that also includes cost, availabilty and anything else that made it better in the first place. After a while, food stuffs change, new varieties are placed on the market and that is the time to do a trial and error study. Sometimes things do not work out. Sometimes they are better. The old adage, horses for courses comes to mind. Everyone has different tastes, different views, cost can also be a part of that difference.

We thought we had found the right kind of sausage for our tastes. Then a new variety came on the scene very recently. It was on special, so we tried them, found we liked them, a tad softer than our regular variety. Not for all meals, but for lunch or breakfast. Even though they are now at their normal pricing, it does not matter because that is the same price as our previous choice. We do not eat them that often, so, not a problem.

Just a light blog this time really. Nothing about writing or poetry, just something mundane, ordinary if you will.

Enjoy the summer ( or if you live in the Southern Hemisphere -winter), be happy, be safe.



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