Sixth June Blog


Sixth June Blog. 21-6-15.
Longest day of the year, where I live anyway.


White, with touches of silver,
Her hair has a sheen
When brushed.
It flows in the wind,
Like some glittering stream,
Twinkling as the dappled light
Touches strands,
Floating in the breeze,
Like some demented dancer,
Twirling and whirling
To the summer sun’s sound.
She steps gaily,
Light-hearted, demure.
All others belittled
In her presence.
Her regality, in every line,
In every movement.
She walks with measured steps,
Each foot perfectly placed.
Hers is a queenly gait,
Slow, precise, or swift as required.
Her lessons, well learnt,
She moves, gracefully,
Poses, to show each line.
Yet humble.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015.

The June weather has been kind, this week. So much so that I have been able to get out in the sunshine, sitting by a pile of old branches dumped on my back pathway. Three sessions in the gorgeous sun, ( first day my knees burned), but the third day was best of all. I went out a tad later the usual, and by that time, the shade from the trees had moved around enough to give me some solace. Plus there was a cooling breeze wafting across my bows. Birds trilling in bush and trees, little traffic either vehicular or mammalian, so it was pretty peaceful. There is a heavy traffic road, a few houses away, but that is enough space to silence most of the traffic noise ( and it is always busy, every part of the day). Just the kind of day to spend a tranquil hour cutting up and bagging dead material.

The only problem is that cutting thickish branches and stems really hurts my right wrist. I was wearing a crepe bandage for support too. Hey ho!

I came in, doodled, had lunch, then started on the paper shredder. One of those that kind of chews the paper up, but not quite. After a while, it seizes up and I have to try to get loads of little crinkle strips of paper out of the teeth and rhe top well wher it collects. There really should be a way to easily open the top up to rmove the paper more efficiently. I have wasted hours, trying to remove all the chonked up paper, so that I can once more use the machine for its designated purpose. Ok, I know, safety first. Stop little fingers from getting manglewurzeled. But we are talking adults here! Then I would not get so frustrated. And I have lots more shredding to do. Darn!

Paper Chase.

Too much paper, everywhere.
Trees being felled, they do not care.
Oh, some are newly planted, they say,
Don”t give a damn, just work and play.
Life is for living. It’s all about us.
As long as we’re paid, just what’s all the fuss.
They do not see the havoc it causes,
Raping of Nature, all very plausible.
Thank Heavens not all trees have paperabilities,
Picnics beneath trees enjoyed by families.
Not so, the creatures that live in the woods,
Not so, the animals looking for food.
The common man cannot realise
Without the trees to shade our eyes,
Without so many oxygenating
Trees all around, our air is deflating.
We all depend on this common gas
For our very lives, not observed by the mass.
Rape and plunder in South America,
Asia Minor, wherever you wander.
Woodlands in the North Pacific,
Ripped apart, to be specific.
And yet our city streets, abundant
With scraps of paper, resource redundant.
When will the light dawn heavily
To make human beings see this clearly.
Wrappers round a burger box,
Or countless newspaper, flying stocks.
Too much floating round the world,
We close our eyes, our toes are curled
When forced to witness trees cut down,
It’s out of mind and out of town.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget, be safe out there.



2 thoughts on “Sixth June Blog

  1. I hope you send these poems out to the general market Evelyn. I love Grace.
    Can just picture you in the sun. 🙂 we’ve had cool breeze for ages, but the sun is too hot without some breeze. Tiring trying to work in the garden and no use for trips out in the boat for fishing, so Mr. B frustrated.
    Stay well.

  2. Thank you Daisydown. Bless. Can I tell you a secret? Grace is actually a bout a horse. But it can be about anything the reader wishes. They do seem to get out onto fb in some cases. Thank you so much for the comment, and thank you for reading my work. So pleased you like it. We had three days of nice warm sunshine last week and I worked outside for an hour a day, just cutting up old branches the neighbour left last autumn. Then it rained on the Saturday and weather not do warm or sunny since then. I send my blogs out to friends so they do get out, as did my painting the last few days. Would send you it, but not sure how to do it, on this blog. If you can give me your fb name, I can send it that way. Lots of wonderful comments. Bless.

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