Approach to the Summer Solstice – Friday

Reblogging because we should feel some kind of emotion in fonnection with our long long gone past heritage, way back when. What was their struggle for survival? How did their paths of enlightenment work for them? Are we that much different in basics? Evelyn

Sun in Gemini


As we approach the Summer Solstice, a few pictures from last weekend’s Silent Eye weekend in Avebury. These ancient and grand stones mark the entrance to the West Kennet long barrow. At a suitably private moment we experimented with chanting and found the resonant note for this beautiful place … Quite a sensation when a Neolithic barrow starts singing back at you …

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4 thoughts on “Approach to the Summer Solstice – Friday

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Evelyn. I’m glad you liked the image and the references to the chanting. It is important, I believe, to try to put ourselves in the mind of ancients who had such a dramatic effect on sacred landscapes. We have really lost touch with how they ‘saw’ both the world and the sacred. My colleagues in the Silent Eye, Sue Vincent and Stuart France, are much better at this than I am, hence their books; but they are very good at organising such events to open our eyes.

  2. Stevetanham, you are welcome. I would like to see these sites but sadly my health says no. So this sort of thing posted is of interest to me. Same as the thing about Richard 111. I have just read a sample about his last six months. Will have to purchase now.

  3. I think of the winter and summer solstice as two holidays to celebrate the natural changes of the turning earth. Most people think of it just as the world growing darker or lighter without any metaphorical significance. Thanks for the repost.

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