Five days: 4 – Just outside

Wonderful pictures of the English wild lowers and peaceful countryside.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani walk june 003

Well, I’m away… so cheating is allowed… more than one photo for day four of the five day photo challenge….

Fifty yards from my front door and we are in the fields. There are no real excuses for not walking. Not that I need any, especially this time of year. In winter, when the long grass is wet and cold, we take the lane out on to the managed fields, tilled and seeded ready for spring. A track skirts the edge and leads around the little copse, drier and firmer underfoot than other routes. But once the warmth returns, we need barely a minute to get in amid the buttercups.

ani walk june 053The path is little more than a grove in the green, worn by the other dog-walkers and the village children. In the middle of the day we seldom see another person, though life bustles all around us, from the bees…

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