Fifth June Blog


Fifth June Blog.

Pollination Day.

From under green,
Bursts cloudlets of white
Blackberry blossoms,
Bouquet delight.
Bumbles are working,
Fit to be busted,
Yellow full knee caps,
Of pollen, encrusted.
As the blooms open
They dash for the harvest,
Only at sundown
Will workers get rest.
They gather for nests,
Food for their young,
Buzzing great bees,
Out singing their song.
Caught in the shutter,
A black- hooded eye,
Toiling all day,
Under sun or cloud sky.
Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee,
May you still abound,
As part of my heritage,
Your gladdening sound.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015.

Bright white blossoms, in full vigour, are blossoming all along the fence, some are spreading, encroaching. Some people may see this as weed encroachment. But these are from a base plant I took from one move to another. So, not wild grown but nurtured over many years. The blackberry fruits are sweet, but these have to be left longer, even though they look black, they are not truly ripe until the droops are plumptious. Then they are delicious.

No, I do not eat pies, so do not make blackberry and apple pie, or blackberry jam. In any case, few reach as far as the kitchen, popped into my mouth as I pick them. O.K. so I really shouldn’t, but it is only for a very few short weeks, and only those I can reach in a good year. I cannot reach any cherries, the birds tend to get what fruits are available from the cherry tree. This year, with such a cold spring, I fear there will not be many fruits on the tree.

I have grown luscious purple plums in my time, but that tree has had its day. Even white-fleshed peaches, but that tree suffered. I love picking my own fruit and eating it straight from tree or plant. Tried strawberries one or two years but they did not appreciate tubs. Grew peas, another year, again, did not like the ,tubs.

Tomatoes seem to be able to produce in tubs, but then rhe weather is not always kind. Same with pumkpins and courgettes, also runner beans, again in tubs. Some years OK, others not so much. What does grow like ninepence here are hedges and bushes, out of all proportion. Some bushes are beautifully scented and worth trying to control them, when I have the time and energy. Not so much, these days.

Purple Plums.

Ripe luscious plums,
Grow rich on the tree,
Purple Plums,
For you and for me.

Yellow and juicy,
The flesh inside skin,
Sweet and delicious,
The juice from within.

Springtime the pollen
Is gathered and set
By honey and bumble,
Gatherers well met.

With sunshine and showers,
The fruit gently grows.
To purple plum ovals,
The plucker then goes.

Out of the farms,
Or garden tree gay,
Its garlands all merry,
On a bright summer day.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015.

The sun has decided to stay in today. Wherever you are, please be safe, but also, be Happy.



2 thoughts on “Fifth June Blog

  1. Thank you Jennita01, so pleased you liked it. With this bad summer, it is getting harder. Having to relon the old noggin formmemories of good summer days, ha!!! Cannot plan to go anywhere, certainly not to photograph things or places.
    Thank you for reading and the lovely comment.

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