Third June Blog


Third June Blog

Bee Joyful.

Blackberry flowers
Open wide
Accepting the bumble
This morn-tide.
Bee industry,
Goes apace,
Pollinating flowers,
Harvest race.
These apart
From the honey bee,
Dancing in sunlight,
Their industry.
Orangy yellow,
Stamens beckon
To the toilers,
A dozen, I reckon.
Huge striped bodies
Hover gaily,
Collecting pollen
In knee pockets, daily.
Wing beats fast,
Eyes cannot see
How fast their wings
Beat, bumble bee.
Their travail
For me later
Blackberry fruit
I joyously savour.
Oh bumble,
Spring, when you I see,
The honest, hard working
Bumble Bee.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015.

Be safe out there, everyone.



2 thoughts on “Third June Blog

    • I am sorry you are scared of bees, as I am of wasps. Am allergic to wasps. Was stung by lot of small bees once. One of the dogs dug up. Nest in the tarde . She was ivere n them and zi had to get as many off of her as I ould.o got stung as well in the process. Took her days to recover, poor love. Luckily she was part terrier an he ciat wad wiry, it helped, or she might hav been killed, there were so mny on her. But In the pasy, i have just dodged when bumbles were close, and all they wanted was to get back to the nest. Gladmyou liked th poem

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