Second June Blog

Second June Blog. 8-6-15

A Few Short Steps

Stepping across pebbles and rocks
Whose flat surfaces, water has,
In aeons of time, worn smooth,
I gaze at the minnows
Within the stream, darting here and there
In their daily toil.

Whispy fronds of water weeds,
Their tendrils carried on the current’s ebb,
Shine myriad greens.
Waving: movementsj
Like fingers playing a soulful piano,
Lifting, drifting, beckoning.

In shadowed crevices, crayfish abound,
Collecting detritus, ousting the indigenous.
Escapees from far afield,
Like the grey squirrel, mink, they are
Imports, considered
Environmentally bad.

Watercress grows in the shallows,
Rushes grow by the edge.
Kingfishers dart to the flashing fish,
Caught in the sunbeams,
Dinner for a colourful flier.

A tinkling stream where coots
And moorhens paddle in the deeper
Culverts, their chicks follow
Behind, scoopingj morsels
As they go.

Water voles hide in holes
Along the banks. Warblers
Sing from the trees whose fronds
Waft gently in summer zephyrs,
Dip down to the waters edge,
Lazily drifting as elvers swim past,
Their journey just begun.

Just a few steps, wending ways
From bank to bank,
Listening for the Bittern’s call,
Hearing the dog fox bark,
And the woodoecker’s drumming.
Solitary steps,
Surrounded by woodland

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015

Just a poem today, my friends.
Be careful out there.



3 thoughts on “Second June Blog

  1. Thank you so much Jenanita01. for reading and reblogging. I try to put meaning and oul into such poems, hoping that someone will enjoy what I try to portray. SO it gives me personal joy when one of my works is shared. Bless you.

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