Fifth May Blog.


Fifth May Blog. 23-5-15 ?

I would just like to point out ( bit late, I know) that in January 2015, one of my poems was published in a magazine by Rocking Horse Publishing, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
During April, 2015, Kishboo Magazine (Online) also published one of my articles about Creative Writing.
If you get a chance, do pop in and have a read. They add to my publishing profile. I hope, later this year, to publish a romance novel, and hopefully more items.

It looks sunny outside now, though that wind is still around. When, oh when is the warm sunshine of summer in this latitude, ever going to make, not only an appearance, but stay a goodly while. I need the warmth. I need to get outside in it, bask in heat, of which I am sorely lacking. You see, I am a LEO. Leos need heat. I cannot function well in the chilly days, especially in wind that is cold. Two years ago, the early part of the year was not promising. But certainly, I remember August as being extremely hot ( my daughter was quite ill at the time, a trigger for my memory). I sat out front, trying to get some shade from the porch, it WAS THAT HOT. Last year was warm to hot, from April onwards. This year, 2015, nada!
Oh, the sun shines, sometimes. And, it even, occasionally, is bright enough. But nit the warmth of spring or early summer. The wind still blows, from a chill direction. I need that warmth to function properly. Sigh!!!


He lowered his head,
An audible sigh
Broke from his lips,
A heartfelt cry.
She took his face
In her supple hands,
Gently she squeezed
Like wave on the sand.
A shuddering heave,
His saddened lament,
Crushed by the sorrow,
His heart in two, rent.
Her arms then clasped him
To her womanly breast,
To salvage the sadness,
Of this once savage beast.
Sobs slowly lessened,
His own arms ensnared
Her rounded shoulders,
His torment now bared.
Would she be happy
To be by his side?
His secret now open,
A rolling stone ride.
Her kiss was as gentle
As a surge on the shore,
He ventured his, back,
He’d be lonely no more.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2015.

Short one this time, dear people. Take care out there today, and every day.



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