Second May Blog.


Second May Blog. 15-5-15.

That date is almost ‘one of those numbers’!!!
Yes, I know, it is not actually the fifteenth for a couple of days, but it will be, soon.

I am sure someone knows what that word is? If so, please answer in the comments section. I have tried Google, but obviously, I am not asking the correct question, as neither Google nor Wikipedia is giving me the answer I seek.

It is giving me all kinds of interesting facts, like what May in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars are named after, ergo, June, which question I did not ask! But that is not what I am after. Ooh, frustration.

Historically England.

History is all around us,
These Islands reek of it here.
From way before Romans came over,
Or later, the Vikings appear.
But that was after the Angles,
The Saxons, their blood in our veins,
Which, mingled with warrior Norsemen,
Became English, including the Danes.
Then we were sacked by the Normans,
Led by the strongest of all,
Guillaume le Batard came conquering,
And gave all his knights such a ball.
Land was given aplenty,
Lists were compiled here and there,
A book was compiled, called The Doomsday,
To find who owned what, and lived where.
Many a people came knocking,
To live here, to trade or be free.
But nobody else came to conquer
With spears or arrows, except we.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2015.

Be that as it may ( not May, funnily enough) I must troddle on with this particular blog. What have I to write about today? Normally, I have a liquid tongue that just goes on and on. I can tell you about last Sunday. So, here goes.

The proposed trip to the London Wetlands Centre was not so much planned and discussed but more mentioned, as a possible place to visit. But, we would have to set out early due to the fact that, even on a Sunday morning, there is always a lot of traffic in and through, or around the outer areas of the city. Having woken up later than intended, we kind of ‘missed our window of opportunity’ as they say.

So, tea, breakfast, watched the latest episode of ‘Outlander’ which was, once more, very good, we began to talk about a place called Greys Court. It was decided that, as it was just passed Henley on Thames ( about 4 miles), we still had time to visit and it was a sunny afternoon.

We got there just after 2 p.m. Were able to drop me near the Elizabethan House, built by the head of the then Elizabethan Knollyes family. Up against the lower front of the house was an older wisteria in bloom. Beautiful.

A fair sized grounds was open to all, including pet dogs on leash with quite a few seats, and well tended lawns for kids to play and people to sit in the sunshine. Up the back hillside were woods, bluebells in their blooming time, a mound, and various other things to see and do.

Near the car park was a small field with a few cows and their calves. White-faced, which one gentleman on the bench by me said were Herefords, and he was most likely correct. My driver missed taking snaps of these when we arrived, thinking they would still be there later. Nah-ah! Perhaps the calves had to go inside after 6 p.m.?

Anyway, there was a second house called The Cromwellian. Not sure uf you could go into that one. It was not listed as a visitor centre but that means nothing. Anyhow, behind the Cromwellian are gardens, very nice, well tended, leading down to a kitchen garden and a Pathway Maze.

Although the sun was out, being near the top of a hill, there was a chill wind which made me feel very cold. We were there less than four hours and you really need longer to take it all in. Learn more about the older parts. There was a church tower and a waterwheel that was driven by a donkey in olden times. A horse wheel as well. Staff were very nice. Perhaps we will visit again!

Have a great week, everyone.



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