My Top Ten Favourite Blogs

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I Write. I Read. I Review


Joining Twitter, just over two years ago, was one of the best decisions I ever made. During this time, I have met some remarkable people. Yes, I follow a few celebs purely for the gossip, but the majority of people I follow are bloggers, writers and reviewers. I have discovered a plethora of new authors, who write such a wide variety of genres. I managed to break free of my fantasy shackles and enjoy the odd chick lit, historical romance and Victorian murder mystery.

Many of the tweeps I follow I discovered via #MondayBlogs, #WWWBlogs or #SundayBlogShare. Utilising the right hashtags can introduce you to some extraordinary people, and for me, I have learned so much about blogging, writing and life in general from my new online ‘friends’.

So today, I wanted to share my top ten favourite blogs, as discovered thanks to Twitter and offer a brief explanation as…

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