First May Blog


First May Blog 12-5-15

Spring Borage.

A delicate herb. I just grow it for the pretty blue/lavender flowers. It is more like a weed, it grows without my trying. Originally, I was given a few seeds and seedlings. That was years ago, and they have grown every year, often in places wher they are in the way. Last two or three years they have been swamped by other plants but last summer, I did a lot of clearing out, cutting back and, voila! Here they are again, pretty as a picture. Not fully in their prime as yet, but it is early days, cool weather.

Ring of Hades. 3-5-15

The Ring of Hades.

All-consuming yellow circles
Light the cosmos out on the rim.
Flames of Herculeon force
Shoot through black space
To crowd infinity.
Jewels of gargantuan proportions
Glitter among the myriad suns
Maquerading as stars.
Solar flares shoot the rapids
Of eternity.
Famed St. Elmo,
Rockets Into the night,
Striking jutting antenna,
Glowing incadescent blue.
Old sailors seeing the phenomenon,
Crossed themselves, feeling
It a portent of danger.
Others, as an omen of good luck.
Lining the spars of old ships,
It blazed in glory,
Then the flame became doused.
But Sol burns fiercely still.
Megaton flares burst, shooting
Fiercely towards infinite space.
Reaching out, but never touching
The barren rocks of Mars or Jupiter,
Penetrating, like some atomic
Spear, heading towards
The Outer cosmos.
Oh fire, burn into oblivion.
Blaze your corona, that man may gaze
In wonder at such magnificence.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2015.


Where are the joys of Heaven?
Of what do the angels sing
When spreading their wings in defiance,
When fighting the bad, on the wing?
Of course, this is only a vision
Of life, for the Heavenly Host.
There could be a wingless variety
Of Angels, who do what they must,
Believing life should be sacred,
Assuring the Demons who lie
That Heaven will crush opposition,
Best not condem those on High.
To spend all eternity fighting
The fires that rage there in Hell,
Angels will fight all the Demons
Taking souls up to Heaven, a spell.
To save from the fiery Hell Hounds
Wreaking havoc, wherever they may,
That souls will ascend in the firmament,
To stay there forever, and a day.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2015.

Heaven, Hell! Are there still believers in such creatures, bad or good? I guess there are still plenty that follow these religious pathways! Whatever, they pmake good subjects for various writers, if for no other real reason than they make interesting stories. Painters of old used these subjects. It was what Masters that paid for these paintngs, wanted. Their subjects came from religious texts. Not sure many artists now take their inspiration from The Bible, The Koran, Bhuddist writings.

So perhaps Angels and Demons are just creatures of the mind, in this day and age, though religious Pastors, Priests etc. would like their flock to think otherwise. Anyway, a writer ‘s workshop indeed.

Take care everyone.



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