Perhaps A Little Less Sugar?

Always great stories from Gail.

jennie orbell

Hi All

I’ve been in the garden this morning doing my ‘standing and staring’ bit. There’s nothing different about me going into the garden at the crack of dawn, I do that every day, to tend the chucks. To make sure they have made it through the night and to give them fresh water (with the life-saving apple cider vinegar and garlic) and to have my fingers attacked in their manic eagerness to find treats, so, as I say, nothing different regarding the time of day, but I don’t usually do the standing and staring bit quite so early because Chea is always at my heels, waiting for her breakfast.

I have a system; Chucks, fish, open the greenhouse, Chea, and finally, me …a cup of tea. The standing and staring bit comes later, usually.

20150507_071412 It has to be my favourite blossom …apple?

Somehow I couldn’t resist the ‘greenness’ of it…

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4 thoughts on “Perhaps A Little Less Sugar?

  1. Yes, Evelyn, have removed Ivy from a wall and that is what led to my recent spell in bed with back. It is a b…..
    Have some latching on to window frame too.
    Loved Gill’s blog. Made me laugh.
    Take care

  2. ‘Sok, Daisydown, nothing to what my Ipad does!!! I plucked ivy from the hedge this a.m. To worn out to do more. Had a trip out yesterday to Greys Court, just outside Henley on Thames. Small, but interesting though a bit chilly in the shady areas. Dates back to Elizabethan but site gies back to the Doomsday Book though that part now is just a high stone wall. Donkey driven waterwheel for 200 ft deep well, house built by The Knowllyes head in 1500s and a Cromwellian House, white-faced calves and cowsm woods an more. I can do little wlking but there was wisteria in bloom, delicate but lovely scent. A walkaround path maze though did not get to that.

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