3 Ways to Design the Perfect Title

Lots of good advice here. Thank you.

Writing Is Hard Work

terrible titleMy current project is nearing completion (at least the rough draft is).  Throughout the project the novel has taken on several title changes, namely because the plot of the novel shifted, the thematic focus changed or what drove the protagonist phase-shifted.

The novel I have written is a story set far in humanity’s future. The Terrans left their home solar system over five hundred years ago after an ecological disaster on a system-wide scale.  They boarded world-ships, trekked out to a far reaching cluster of star systems, but on the way the worst of them took charge, so that when they arrived they became conquerors and brutal dictators…in some cases demigods.  The novel is set 100 years after an uprising, successfully won by the four sentient species that called the Five Rims home.  The small number of Terrans who helped the indigenous species free themselves were given a home on one…

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