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I Can’t Ignore 3 Nominations …Thank You Patrick, Caz And Lisl.

I am so pleased that this lovly lady has had three nominations. Good Luck Gail.

Just Life - Jennie Orbell

Hi All

I have succumbed. Why? Well I’ll tell you.

Some time ago I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by Patrick Jones. I read the requirements for acceptance of said award and scurried off into the garden to pluck a few dead leaves from the laurel bush. Too scary…and complicated. All that copying of links and nominating other people and stating things about myself that others would find interesting? No way.

A short time later I received another nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award from Caz Greenham.

I already knew the requirements for acceptance, so this time I set about making a batch of pasties for the freezer …and ignored the nomination.

Last weekend another nomination appeared from Lisl Zlitna.  I made a few polite noises and mumbled something about looking into it, with more than the odd intention of rushing out and turning over the compost heap.

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Sixth April Blog


Sixth April Blog. 12-4-15

Frustration, it’s the name of the Game.

How do you deal with it? What sets you off?

I don’t do frustration well, sometimes not at all. Like…when you have someone coming to do something in your home, and they do not come on time. In fact, some hours later than was organised. Like…. When the shopping is due, and they ring up to say they will be about two hours late, all for very good reasons no doubt. This is when I start metaphorically tearing my hair out. Pacing up and down ( even if it is only in my head), letting out noises like… tch tch, or worse.

Normally I am a peaceful soul, but not when frustrated by people who cannot keep to time. Like waiting on someone to go out and they poodle around, doing this and that, and the time is counting down. Having a row about said tardiness when I need to be getting on with other things, just because I have a time constraint too, and I like to be ahead of the Game.

I was always first out of the door when living with parents years ago. Mum was a lagger. Always last, then key in the door, oh,wait a minute. Back inside she would go. Dad and I waited outside impatiently. She was out again, key in the door, twisting it, turning it, making sure it was locked. This could go on for another couple of times before we got her past the front door and down the path to the gate, and beyond.

She is gone, but this kind of memory stays as a reminder that it was ever, so! You see, I was opposite, in many, many ways. I suppose there will always be the earlies and the lates, and ne’er the twain shall meet. Yes, I agree, that transport has its part to play. We all get held up from time to time; roadworks, traffic accidents, diversions etc. modern day inconveniences, irritation and vexation. But, say your washing machine breaks down. You call. It already it takes a week or more to get an appointment for the engineer to come and look at it. They already know the make, number and age of your machine because you have insured it against breakdown and all the information is on their computer.

They will name the day, but not the time. OK, so you go with that. He arrives, after you have waited impatiently all day. You need this part, he says. I will need to order it. Another week strolls by. Your washing piles up. Your temper is a taut string. They phone up. We have the part, but the manufacturers sent the wrong one. Will have to make another appointment the following week. This is only one of a dozen things that frustrate me. Yeah! Ranting again. But that kind of thing, the waiting whilst someone else whittles away your time, really irritates me.

Have a great, and safe weekend everyone.


Lovel book about ancient stone circles, magic and mayhem
By Philip Earland

Great book from Gail Jennie Orbell

Book about life after death by Deb McEwan

Mystery by R. E. Donald

All I have time for today.

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Let Them Eat Cake?

Oh, keep going Flight and Little, do not be a piggly wiggly.
Definitely cake is on the ‘me and you’.
Keep it up Gail. Chicken range, extraordinaire.

Just Life - Jennie Orbell

Hi All

I told you in my last blog that I feared for Flight, that I thought she was on that downward spiral to chicken heaven – or should that be an upward spiral to chicken heaven? Possibly.

For days I tempted her with the odd squashed grape, watching while she cocked her head, as if half blind, to stare drunkenly at it until Little barged in and scoffed the grape in one. I tempted and wiggled cooked spaghetti beneath her tightly closed beak …until Little barged in and scoffed it in one.

As Flight grew thinner, Little grew fatter. I will be renaming her Big at this rate.

And then – Flight pecked at, and swallowed, a grape seed. An hour later she murdered an ant and managed to eat it after 4 attempts. I left them out in the sunshine for most of the day and by roosting…

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Fifth April Blog


Fifth April Blog (proper) 7-4-15.

Spring is here. It’s Official.

Lots of daffodils on small plots of Council grass, usually on islands between traffic. Dandlions are close to flowering as well. The Japanese Honeysuckle in my front garden is rearing its ugly head. I say ugly because I bought it years ago, for the scent, not realising how pernicious, as a plant, it can be. Grows everyhere and once roots are in the ground, they cannot be eradicated. All I can do is keep cutting it back wherever I can, which is a shame because then the flowers are lost, and that is where the beauty of the plant lies.

A short trip out just a while ago revealed the warmish temperatures that are gracing my area this lunch time. Saw short-stemmed cream-coloured tulips out in one of the road roundabout leadins, waving their heads above mostly yellow-ish pansies. Totally spring-like design for car drivers ( not watching the road) but passengers also to admire.

This is what spring is all about. Great colours, shapes, sizes, flowers, early trees in bloom, all kinds of pink and white blossoms long before the leaves break bud. Also, if I listen carefully, there are birds cheeping, though they sing much earlier, just as dawn breaks. I have not actually checked to see if my cherry tree has any buds out yet! That is my next priority as far as spring blossoms go.

White Mock Orange Blossom.

Pale green buds, Philadelphus, coming,
Ready to splurge in the bright golden sun.
Springing forth to bear its white blooms,
Summer, orange-scented, four-petalled blossoms,
Whispy white stamens, standing proud.
The growth of the stems is a wonder,
Ten to fifteen feet, lie the boughs,
Bending, the weights of white blooms
Like an archway, aromatic yet dainty.
Pruning, with severity, keeps them shorter,
Forget them and twenty feet tall
They can grow. But oh, the power
Of orange, almost over-powering.

And yet, I have to inspect the Lilac, another scented shrub. This is no trouble, it is a slow grower and was marmalised last season, like the unscented Forsythia which was already insitu.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever spring means to you, do please enjoy this most natural of occurrences.

Take care.


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Fourth April Blog


Fourth April Blog. 6-4-15.

“””You little toerag, I’ll get you for this,” shouted Billy Burman after the retreating figure of Jackie Moste, running down Cobbler Street. Burman shook his fist, then sighed. No way could he and his bouncing belly race after the lad.

He turned, his hands reaching down to rearrange the apples on his market stall. What was the point? He knew Jackie was a wrong ‘un. Always had been into trouble, ever since he was a three year old. Now, at the ripe old age of twelve, and almost a teenger, his boldness knew no bounds.

One apple, well, maybe two or three. Was it really worth the effort of going round to see his mum? A man’s firm hand was what that lad needed. His own, possibly.

Billy had long since had a crush on Melly Moste. He could not deny his passion for her was very real. Often he would fantasize about how well they would be together.
Billy even asked her for a date, once. She gave him short shrift.

But Billy was not to be put off for any length of time and going round to Melly’s after the stall was put away, would be the ideal opportunity to present himself to her again. He had stashed some more cash since last time. A bottle of bubbly, bunch of flowers from Ozzie, a few stalls down the street and he had bought a nice necklace from Moisha in the next road. She would not refuse him now, surely?

The evening sun filtered through the buildings along the street, shedding a warm pink glow over brick and mortar. Up over chimney stacks, past black-paned windows, opened to the sooty, dusty atmosphere that rose from the alleyways, up through the busy thoroughfares, aloft, into the evening sky.

A distinct haze greeted the eyes of anyone gazing upwards to watch the summer swallows weaving, diving, soaring back aloft. Often it rained, but today, a tidal wave of heat swept through the town. Most people were wet, not from rain, but from perspiration.

Billy Burman washed the town dirt and dust from his parched frame. His best clothes were clean and ready to be donned. He sported a new plaid jacket, a gold medalion and chain around his neck, crisp tie and patent leather shoes.

As he locked his door, Billy Burman observed the sky growing darker. Less people around to notice him in his new duds: less catcalls from other stallholders next morning.”””

New ideas, new writings. Not full stories, you understand, but little starters to think on for the future.

Does anyone else do this?

I may never finish these ideas, or I may go on to write a much longer story or novella, even a novel. At this point in time, I cannot tell. However, it is worth noting them down for reference at some later date.

I suppose, if any one of us is tied up with a current project, we might feel that these ideas can wait to be written down/ collected for some time later when we are not involved with a current project. But this could be false economy. We forget details unless we write them down immediately, log them in a journal or an online notepad to be accessed at some point further down the line.

OK, so I may be teaching my granny to suck eggs ( where did that come from?) but in this busy world, it is worth making sure these ideas are close at hand, and, as I said before, accessible.

Hope you all had a great Easter break.
Be careful out there.


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Third April Blog


Third April Blog. 5-4-15

Rainy Easter.

Good Friday.

Yes, it is that time again. An Easter Bank Holiday where the weather is letting the public down. I know for sure, in my area of England today, it has rained, and it has been chillier. This is quite a usual happening here.

OK, so maybe, I only say maybe…. The weather will change for the rest of the holiday. I know that many like to go away for the holiday, so I hope those of you who are going away have better weather wherever you land up, cos it is blooming cold here in southern England.

Saturday. Going shopping for odds and ends and it was freezing, or felt like it. I really do not think I have gotten warm yet, even with coffee, tea, curry! Have not started on any Easter Eggs yet either, not that I am supposed to, but dark chocolate is not too bad, if I am careful.

For those in UK, Sainsburys is having a 25% off clothing weekend. Did they have anything I really wanted? Nah! Did buy a bag to take when going to hospital. That came under the 25% off heading too ( as did shoes, but I have all the shoes I need right now) . I wasn’t looking for a bag, it has to be said, but this will do, and it is purple. One personal item I bought, shall have to be returned. Too tight. Winter weight!

They had large boxes of nice strawberries, so that was purchased. No cherries though. Like a cherry with my jelly and yoghurt at night, if possible.

Off the personal stuff for a moment, am reading a Philippa Gregory book, ‘The King’s Curse’. The Tudors, looked at from the standpoint of Margaret Pole, a Plantagenet royal, her drop in circumstances and the Tudors. I am enjoying the read, though it is early days. It was not too expensive on Kindle.
I like the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and have not bought the latest one, simply because it is over £8 on Kindle. So I will have to be patient, wait until the price comes down, and not just a little bit. I love books, but my bank balance is needed for more important things.

Apart from poems lately, I really cannot get into the writing groove. Too much interferring at the present.

So, lashings of good chocolate tomorrow. Also will see the latest episode of ‘Outlander.’ This is on Netflix I think. Bit of a dirth on ordinary t.v. this weekend, keep watching the same old rubbish. Boring!

Have a great Easter everyone.


Second April Blog


ostre or Ostara (Old English: Ēastre, Northumbrian dialect Ēostre; Old High German: *Ôstara) is a Germanic divinity who, by way of the Germanic month bearing her name (Northumbrian: Ēosturmōnaþ; West Saxon: Ēastermōnaþ; Old High German: Ôstarmânoth), is the namesake of the festival of Easter. Ēostre is attested solely by Bede in his 8th-century work The Reckoning of Time, where Bede states that during Ēosturmōnaþ (the equivalent of April), pagan Anglo-Saxons had held feasts in Eostre’s honor, but that this tradition had died out by his time, replaced by the Christian Paschal month, a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

By way of linguistic reconstruction, the matter of a goddess called *Austrō in the Proto-Germanic language has been examined in detail since the foundation of Germanic philology in the 19th century by scholar Jacob Grimm and others. As the Germanic languages descend from Proto-Indo-European (PIE), linguists have traced the name to a Proto-Indo-European goddess of the dawn *H₂ewsṓs (→ *Ausṓs), from which descends the Common Germanic divinity from whom Ēostre and Ostara are held to descend. Scholars have linked the goddess’ name to a variety of Germanic personal names, a series of location names in England, over 150 2nd century BCE matronae Austriahenae – inscriptions discovered in Germany, and have debated whether or not Eostre is an invention of Bede’s. Theories connecting Ēostre with records of Germanic Easter customs, including hares and eggs, have been proposed.

Ēostre and Ostara are sometimes referenced in modern popular culture and are venerated in some forms of Germanic neopaganism.



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First April Blog


First April Blog.

Limbo tree.

Have you climbed it? OK, not figuratively, but in that space where you are not in the present, want to be in the future where happenings have occurred and outcomes have happened, but not yet.

It is a feeling I hate. And yet, more often than not, I seem to be stuck in that particular tree. Not knowing how to climb down from it, and if I did manageg that overwhelming feat, then I would find a very hungry beast at the base, waiting to take a very large chunk out of me.

The problem is, I think, that having been forced up into those criss-crossed branches high up in that limbo tree, I feel that I am not in control of what is happening to me, and I do not like that. No, I do not think I am in the category of a control freak ( as they call it), more that I have mostly followed my own destiny, slowly, I grant you, but there had always been that element of others taking away contol of what I can do, where I can go. Now, at an un-holy age, and up to a point, I try to gain back some of that control but just lately, it feels as though it is two steps forward, three steps back and being kept in the land of Limbo. …. by others. Others, I might add, who think they have the upper hand, but frustrate the heck out of me.

I do manage to keep myself on tether, because these days, to blow one’s top is not an option. – Zero Tolerence is everywhere. – I seldom got in a temper when younger, but as I have aged, I have found that more things annoy me than used to do. Is it age? Is it that the times have changed, and not for the better? Or is it just that only my tolerence of stupidity, errors, idiots ( and there are plenty out there in the guise of clever human beings who actually think they are cleverer than the really are – lots out there dear people)? Who is to say?

We all have our opinions and the world is racing at breakneck speed. Too fast for people to pay heed to the little annoying items that put others up into the Limbo Tree. It is frustrating, time-consuming and bothersome to the enth degree. And these people, who cannot get things right ( lije the cancelkation letter I received at the weekend, cancelling, then hen I eventually git through by telephone ‘oh, only moved and not actually cancelled’ , then why not say that in the letter. Instead I got het up, heated, angry, frustrated, disappointed and diwnright upset. All because someone failed to add in the letter that the appointment had only been moved to a different place.

Totally avoidable! No one seems to care if others get trampled under foot. So, perhaps we might be safer aloft. But my point is, we do not have the choice any more, it appears at times.

I say no. Stop wasting my time. Put some effort into what you do. Consider a better work ethic, avoid idiocrasy ( if that isn’t a real word, then I have coined it), stupidity, idolness in not getting it right

Rant done fo today. Be happy, everyone.