Fourteenth April Blog


Fourteenth April Blog. 28-4-15.

Last in the April lineup, folks!

Infirm Age.

Soon be May,
I’m sorry to say,
Means that the year
Is slipping away.
And what have I
Accomplished so far?
Polishing off
Half a coffee jar.
Oh yes, I’ve been thinking
Of what is to be,
As the days march on,
As May comes to see.
I should take advantage
Of sunshiny days,
Starting the gardening,
Finishing Fenn Shui.
So, get myself moving,
In life’s busy hum,
To stop my poor body
From getting quite numb.
But, just a second,
Must have a tea,
Or maybe just,
One more coffee, for me?

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2015.

Yes, almost May. Perhaps it is because, at my age, I feel the cold, feel all the aches pains that often did annoy me, but that I was able to shrug off in younger times,

People grin, when one states something like that. But wait a few years, see what life throws at you, what you can bear! I hope you all can reach a ripe old age without too much pain and bad health. Some of you will make it to the silver hair stage with not too many health problems, though, from my era, many do not. Not lwithout some illness, accident (none of your own fault, even), tragedy that affects your health and how well or not you slide into antiquity.

It comes to most of us at some point, I am sorry to say. Maybe the younger of you will have a different tennet. Maybe this modern age, where some things are made easier will manage quite nicely, thank you. Modern appliances, cars, better food, more conveniences, work that is not so taxing on the body, all these should be less strain on the flesh. Hopefully, no real bad times where there are no jobs and not much food. Crushing defeats like that age the body, as well as the mind.

The young of the Western World seem to have no idea what hard life was really all about, back in the day. And I am glad of that. I hope it means they will live a fuller, happier, more rewarding life, and a healthier, less painful old age. Of course, there are some who get ‘mxed up’ in world events and are either contributors or innocent bystanders, but still get caught up in the bad things happening around them. We are thankful to them.

I hope no one gets caught up in world events they cannot handle, for that would be cruel. Suffice it to say that I have been caught up in such events, and it was not nice at all. But most youngsters do not know just how hard life can become, si i not understand what old age is about. Problem is, age creeps up on you. There you go, trolling along, beor you know it, you are forty. OK, forty is just a number, right? But soon the grandkids arrive, and they shoot up. Then you are nearly sixty. Where did all that time go, you think?

Next you are, if lucky, getting your pension!

I have kind of side-tracked myself, but that is how my mind works at times.

Be happy, enjoy life. Be safe.


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