Thirteenth April Blog


Thirteenth April Blog.


Some people feel it’s unlucky
For thirteen to be on the bill.
It really depends where it comes from,
Or what is your tenet, or will.
Like black cats crossing your pathway,
For some, that’s unlucky, and yet,
Black cats can be a familiar,
Or equally, a real loving pet.
History chooses these signways
For reasons forgotten in time.
Seven, a supposed lucky number,
Others are written in rhyme.
But always it seems that the number
Thirteen, is most hated of all.
Friday the thirteenth, do not venture forth,
The unluckiest day has a ball.
A house becomes 12a or 14,
The thirteen gets left out of sinc.
But thirteen is just a large number
That fades from the eye with a blink.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2015.

I do not personally think that Friday the Thirteenth is any more unlucky than any other day with 13 at its head, or indeed, any other day sporting any other number. I know there are plenty who would not agree with me. And they are entitled to their opinion, the same as I am. Horses for courses, so to speak!

However, down the centuries, whether by myth, or general concensus, certain numbers have come to mean something to lots of people in lots of different countries, groups or religions. As I mentioned in the above poem, most common of these are the numbers thirteen and seven.

It is certain too, that many numbers mean other things in physics, a mathematical discipline, if you will. Like the number three for instance, three in the Christian religion means the Three in One. But also, if memory serves me correctly, it has other signifences. There are also Prime numbers, but they are not necessarily bad or good, lucky or unlucky.

Many cultures seem to adhere to the number thirteen and seven. Is this because it is learned from way back from other cultures, or have they decided the meaning of these numbers, lucky or unlucky, by themselves?

Some are so sure that thirteen is an unlucky number that nothing in their vicinity will have the number thirteen on it, or near, or around it. Likewise for those who feel that the number seven is lucky and will bet on the number seven and keep it close, in many things connected with their lives.

I have not delved too deeply into this subject simply because one need not. It is very much to the fore in most culures. Suffice it to say that I have never won the Lottery with any of these ( or any other) numbers) – if only I had! But that is another blog story.

Happy Monday, good people out there, and be safe.


2 thoughts on “Thirteenth April Blog

  1. Thank you Daisydown. Bless. So glad you liked the poem. Writng more all the time but have a real busy week, this week and next. See how things go. Thank you for reading.

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