Belated Birthday Bash: Part 1 – The Black Prince and an Archbishop

Sorry it is wring wy around folks, but th ere is some really interesting historical infirmation. Thank you Jane Risdon.

Jane Risdon

Canterbury Cathedral (c) Jane Risdon 2015Canterbury Cathedral (c) Jane Risdon 2015

Last weekend I had a couple of wonderful surprise birthday treats.

I’ll share my experiences with you and I hope you enjoy the photos and snippets to go with them.

My youngest brother organised this one – the other treats will follow next time.

The first of which was a fab day out at Canterbury Cathedral where one of our ancestors was once Archbishop of Canterbury and the last pre-reformation Archbishop.

William Warham Archbishop of Canterbury William Warham Archbishop of Canterbury (c) Jane Risdon 2015

His name was William Warham (1503-1532)

Archbishop Warham (c) Jane Risdon 2015Last Pre-reformation Archbishop William Warham 1503-1532 (c) Jane Risdon 2015

We spent a number of hours looking around the Cathedral which is a World Heritage Site.

in AD 597 missionaries from Rome converted the King of Kent to Christianity.

Augustine, leader of the mission, was consecrated as Archbishop and his cathedra (official seat) was established at Canterbury.

The Cathedral has been…

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2 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Bash: Part 1 – The Black Prince and an Archbishop

  1. Evelyn thanks so much for doing this for me. Both parts are interesting and I hope your readers enjoy them too. Everywhere I go I take a camera if I am able and snap away at things which interest me. I’ve seen some wonderful places and have posted about them on my blog as well, so if you hunt around it you will find some other interesting posts I hope, with photos. I am mad about history, so most have a historical element, though not all. I love gardens so there are several about gardens and villages too. I am not just a crime writer as you can see. Have a wonderful week, and thanks once more for being so kind and re-blogging. Much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Thank you Jane. Will do, when I have time. I used to do the sme,a bit. My health not good now so cannot wlk much. It is only in recemt years my interest in history has exploded into reading more about it. Seeing mor in t.v.shows, but I always was a but of a history person.
    Have just posted my latest blog. Not about history, more about our people ruining the planet, with new poem. The sun is shining, gav a great day.

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