Ninth April Blog


Ninth April Blog 17-4-15.

18th Century Life.

This is not an in-depth, know it all by me, about this era of English history. No. It is about the uncommon amount of televisual happenings on our screens/pads etc. set in the 18th century. Watch one and you are propelled into that time zone. “Poldark”, for one ( though that is the one I have not yet seen).

However, “Turn”, set in the same era but in America and about the British Redcoats and American Nationalists, is also in the same time frame. Quite interesting for one who knew little about that conflict. Last night on t.v., a film, same era, “The Duelists”. Did not see it all, I must admit.

Then, my favourite of the monent, “Outlander”. The first five episides setting the scene, were not so hot but episide 6 onwards, wow! Have to check if there are more series set in this time zone, but it feels as though I am permanently fighting in muddy places, passing water in buckets, reading in candlelight and riding horses. Not to mention the body odour, both people and animals. Now today I discover, a film in the making about Dick Turpin, same era, more or less.

Has there been a TIME WARP? Star Trek machine to take us to the past (or even future)? Do we have a TARDIS knocking around unused somewhere, all ready for us to whip back to a more innocent ( ha, ha) time; just to show us, perhaps, that when men were men and women had no place in choosing their futures, unlike the presnt day, it was a better time? I don’t think so.

Just romantiscsing really, and that is all well and good, for a lark. But think about it ladies, no condoms! No smelly soap and hair wash. Lots of heavy clothing that gets stuck in the mud. Same dress for days on end, and if you are not a rich person, then the material is heavy and mundane, winter or summer.

As for the guys. Everyone had to be manly, wear the same smelly old garments forever, almost.n Have to learn to ride and handle horses, dogs. Take injuries with a pinch of salt. No mobile phones, no flitting off in an airoplane for holidays and no going to rock concerts or riding motorcycles. Do you see where I am going with this?

So, whilst the film and t.v. Companies give us a romantiscized view of this time period, and we ladies love the handsome leading men, it is really in the realms of fantasy. Love it though we might, it is FANTASY.

Have a great and safe weekend, dear people.



2 thoughts on “Ninth April Blog

  1. I so agree with your short paragraph on Outlander. I’ve been reading the series since 1991. But time…history…I believe I was born in the wrong century, loving antiquity as you seem to also, but we would probably miss our modern comforts. So we write and dream and appreciate the arts. That way we can weave our fantasy world with all parts of time combined to our own desires.

  2. Perhaps if I wnt through it again, I might see more in th ealy episides, they wer ok but I felt they were jut treading water a little. Perhaps it needs time ti me to get involved in the story line. Hooked now though. Thank you for reading my thoughts.

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