Seventh April Blog.


Seventh April Blog. 14-4-15?

April is whipping on.

Yes, we thought April would never get here, and already it is almost halfway through. How the heck does that happen?

My cherry tree has opened some of its blossoms, though there looks to be less this season. More likely than not, it may be because there was less rain right through the year until the early part of August, when it did rain, but nowhere near enough to make up for the drought the rest of the time, or that is how it seems to me.

Really warm out there today, not that I have the time to enjoy it right now. Early planted tulips, by the local Council, are aready in bloom, I noticed as we drove through town today. With them,were some little blue flowers. Not a clue what they were as we went past quite quickly. Could have been Lobelia but as I say, too fast and not close enough. The tulips were a creamy white colour, and around the base, with the possible Lobelia, were some other small blossoms in a red shade. OK, so they are fond of doing things in the colour range of our National Flag, red, white and blue.

Most daffodils are dying down. Getting in where they can, are loads of yellow dandelion flowers. Wild, of course. And not yet been dug out, hacked away or whatever. Wild plants, or weeds as we call them, grow fast, in season and colonise every square inch they can get a foothold in. So they have to be watched closely and eradicated as fast as possible, if a pristine grass erea is to be maintained, which is what most Councils like to have. Though having the manpower for this maintainence is quite another matter.

I do not, as yet, have any time for garden maintainence. A pity, because it is almost summer warmth out there today. Never mind, hopefully, there will be more to come.

Cherry Time.

Cherry blossoms, on the bough,
Spring is well away,
Birdies singing, sounds like ‘ wow’,
Whiling out the day.
Breezes sighing, trees are greening,
Gentling along.
Happy birdies, often preening,
Whilst they sing their song.
In the meadow, lambs do gamble,
Calves are getting born.
Easter people out to ramble
Early in the morn.
So enjoy the sunny weather,
Flowers gaily bob,
Leave your work, the daytime tether,
Find a different job.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2015

Be careful out there, people.


2 thoughts on “Seventh April Blog.

    • Thank you It was taken from halfway up the Blue Mountains in Ontario i. The 1990s😀 not sure hich of two years so will leave it at that. The lake in the distance was a turquoise in tha light.
      Have been doing a blog almost a year now. So welcome and thank you for reading

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