Sixth April Blog


Sixth April Blog. 12-4-15

Frustration, it’s the name of the Game.

How do you deal with it? What sets you off?

I don’t do frustration well, sometimes not at all. Like…when you have someone coming to do something in your home, and they do not come on time. In fact, some hours later than was organised. Like…. When the shopping is due, and they ring up to say they will be about two hours late, all for very good reasons no doubt. This is when I start metaphorically tearing my hair out. Pacing up and down ( even if it is only in my head), letting out noises like… tch tch, or worse.

Normally I am a peaceful soul, but not when frustrated by people who cannot keep to time. Like waiting on someone to go out and they poodle around, doing this and that, and the time is counting down. Having a row about said tardiness when I need to be getting on with other things, just because I have a time constraint too, and I like to be ahead of the Game.

I was always first out of the door when living with parents years ago. Mum was a lagger. Always last, then key in the door, oh,wait a minute. Back inside she would go. Dad and I waited outside impatiently. She was out again, key in the door, twisting it, turning it, making sure it was locked. This could go on for another couple of times before we got her past the front door and down the path to the gate, and beyond.

She is gone, but this kind of memory stays as a reminder that it was ever, so! You see, I was opposite, in many, many ways. I suppose there will always be the earlies and the lates, and ne’er the twain shall meet. Yes, I agree, that transport has its part to play. We all get held up from time to time; roadworks, traffic accidents, diversions etc. modern day inconveniences, irritation and vexation. But, say your washing machine breaks down. You call. It already it takes a week or more to get an appointment for the engineer to come and look at it. They already know the make, number and age of your machine because you have insured it against breakdown and all the information is on their computer.

They will name the day, but not the time. OK, so you go with that. He arrives, after you have waited impatiently all day. You need this part, he says. I will need to order it. Another week strolls by. Your washing piles up. Your temper is a taut string. They phone up. We have the part, but the manufacturers sent the wrong one. Will have to make another appointment the following week. This is only one of a dozen things that frustrate me. Yeah! Ranting again. But that kind of thing, the waiting whilst someone else whittles away your time, really irritates me.

Have a great, and safe weekend everyone.


Lovel book about ancient stone circles, magic and mayhem
By Philip Earland

Great book from Gail Jennie Orbell

Book about life after death by Deb McEwan

Mystery by R. E. Donald

All I have time for today.


2 thoughts on “Sixth April Blog

  1. Hi Daisydown, as I am retired, there are times when I can do nothing, so perhaps I am a bit more privileged, though I am often on my Ipad,writing,emailing. Does that count as doing nothing? Though when I am doing something, probably like yourself, I am a bit full on. Never mind, try to get some worked in, you do need downtime.

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