Fifth April Blog


Fifth April Blog (proper) 7-4-15.

Spring is here. It’s Official.

Lots of daffodils on small plots of Council grass, usually on islands between traffic. Dandlions are close to flowering as well. The Japanese Honeysuckle in my front garden is rearing its ugly head. I say ugly because I bought it years ago, for the scent, not realising how pernicious, as a plant, it can be. Grows everyhere and once roots are in the ground, they cannot be eradicated. All I can do is keep cutting it back wherever I can, which is a shame because then the flowers are lost, and that is where the beauty of the plant lies.

A short trip out just a while ago revealed the warmish temperatures that are gracing my area this lunch time. Saw short-stemmed cream-coloured tulips out in one of the road roundabout leadins, waving their heads above mostly yellow-ish pansies. Totally spring-like design for car drivers ( not watching the road) but passengers also to admire.

This is what spring is all about. Great colours, shapes, sizes, flowers, early trees in bloom, all kinds of pink and white blossoms long before the leaves break bud. Also, if I listen carefully, there are birds cheeping, though they sing much earlier, just as dawn breaks. I have not actually checked to see if my cherry tree has any buds out yet! That is my next priority as far as spring blossoms go.

White Mock Orange Blossom.

Pale green buds, Philadelphus, coming,
Ready to splurge in the bright golden sun.
Springing forth to bear its white blooms,
Summer, orange-scented, four-petalled blossoms,
Whispy white stamens, standing proud.
The growth of the stems is a wonder,
Ten to fifteen feet, lie the boughs,
Bending, the weights of white blooms
Like an archway, aromatic yet dainty.
Pruning, with severity, keeps them shorter,
Forget them and twenty feet tall
They can grow. But oh, the power
Of orange, almost over-powering.

And yet, I have to inspect the Lilac, another scented shrub. This is no trouble, it is a slow grower and was marmalised last season, like the unscented Forsythia which was already insitu.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever spring means to you, do please enjoy this most natural of occurrences.

Take care.



4 thoughts on “Fifth April Blog

  1. Lilacs, daffodils, tulips – I love spring (and your poem) but it is cold, windy, bare and bleak here, I wrote SPRINGTIME NORTH U.S.

    April showers bring May f lowers,
    That everybody knows but
    It seems here in Wyoming,
    March winds have brought us April snows

    ~~Alice Springer, age 12~~

    March Moody Month
    Lamblike gentle growly lion
    Windblown hag teases
    Temperature extremes
    Mud covered hope

    April Spring Goddess
    Pledges intoxicating sunshine green haze
    Vengeful wench deceives
    Icy winds redundant snow
    Broken promises

    March April
    Northland sisters
    Fickle betrayers
    May’s arrival awaited.

    ~Alice Carole 72 2015~

    • Hi Rebecca, thank you. Unfortunately, I can no longer read physical books due to going partially blind. I appreciate the thought but it ould be pointless as I only now read from Kindle where I can make the font larger. Please chose the next one along for this lovely gift, someone who will appreciate a real book ( and be bl to read same). Once again, thank you Rebecca.

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