Third April Blog


Third April Blog. 5-4-15

Rainy Easter.

Good Friday.

Yes, it is that time again. An Easter Bank Holiday where the weather is letting the public down. I know for sure, in my area of England today, it has rained, and it has been chillier. This is quite a usual happening here.

OK, so maybe, I only say maybe…. The weather will change for the rest of the holiday. I know that many like to go away for the holiday, so I hope those of you who are going away have better weather wherever you land up, cos it is blooming cold here in southern England.

Saturday. Going shopping for odds and ends and it was freezing, or felt like it. I really do not think I have gotten warm yet, even with coffee, tea, curry! Have not started on any Easter Eggs yet either, not that I am supposed to, but dark chocolate is not too bad, if I am careful.

For those in UK, Sainsburys is having a 25% off clothing weekend. Did they have anything I really wanted? Nah! Did buy a bag to take when going to hospital. That came under the 25% off heading too ( as did shoes, but I have all the shoes I need right now) . I wasn’t looking for a bag, it has to be said, but this will do, and it is purple. One personal item I bought, shall have to be returned. Too tight. Winter weight!

They had large boxes of nice strawberries, so that was purchased. No cherries though. Like a cherry with my jelly and yoghurt at night, if possible.

Off the personal stuff for a moment, am reading a Philippa Gregory book, ‘The King’s Curse’. The Tudors, looked at from the standpoint of Margaret Pole, a Plantagenet royal, her drop in circumstances and the Tudors. I am enjoying the read, though it is early days. It was not too expensive on Kindle.
I like the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and have not bought the latest one, simply because it is over £8 on Kindle. So I will have to be patient, wait until the price comes down, and not just a little bit. I love books, but my bank balance is needed for more important things.

Apart from poems lately, I really cannot get into the writing groove. Too much interferring at the present.

So, lashings of good chocolate tomorrow. Also will see the latest episode of ‘Outlander.’ This is on Netflix I think. Bit of a dirth on ordinary t.v. this weekend, keep watching the same old rubbish. Boring!

Have a great Easter everyone.



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