Trimming your Description: How to get your Word Count Down without Cutting the Plot

Lots of good thoughts here. Must check my novel in edit.


A surprisingly large amount of new authors overshoot their word count and end up fretting and panicking over the idea of having to remove a character or a side plot to whittle their monster manuscript down to a reasonable size. But I know of a very common problem with longer manuscripts – and even some short ones – which could save you from the pain of making major plot changes in your cutting process if it is fixed.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure (and the free time) to read Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables then, first of all, my respect for you has just grown. I got about half way through that book before I just couldn’t take any more of the needless tangents and painstaking description. Not that it’s a bad book at all but there is one major feature in it that no new author could ever get…

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