Eighth March Blog


Eighth March Blog. 20-3-15.

Standing on the little bridge, Aria leant her elbows on the top rail. She gazed soulfully at the crystal clear water running over claret stones, intermixed with multitudes of grey, white, black, and green where river herbs grew beneath the current. Some parts further downstream became turgid, hugging overgrown banks where willow tree tracery branch tips trailed into the cool, languid water.

Small stems, covered in silvery leaves, hung limp in Aria’s hands. She had carried them some distance and the heat of the afternoon had dried them out. Tossing the stems into the water now would cause them to react differently than if they were fresh from the branch.

Gazing into the distance to where stream and banks coincided, she weighed up the pros and cons of the toss. Past her current horizon she knew there were rapids, this was where the test would count. Her friend Polper was waiting downstream ready to hook her stems out of the water, if they survived, that is.

If they disappeared altogether, then that would be disastrous. He must spot them and hook them out, he must, he must!


So many ways to write about water. This can apply to all kinds of medium. Dust, boulders, earth, rocks, sand. It depends on the type of story you are writing. I personally think that description of some kind is needed in what we write. It could be about buildings, or clothing, if you write about animals, then descriptions do not go amiss.

Back in the day, we were enjoined to leave out most descriptive passages. I never adhered to that theory, went my own way, describing what I wrote so that my reader might see in their mind, what picture I was trying to portray.

Was I justified? Have I been doing it wrong, all these years?

Personally, again, I don’t think so. I have read many books in the last 10/20 years where description has enhaced the writers’ stories. Long may they continue, say I. But many psuedo-classical writers have somewhat less descrptive passages, and I believe they lose out because of this.

I am not the fount of all knowledge. This is only my personal opinion, and right or wrong, I am sticking with it. I shall continue to write in my own way, come what may. On my own head be it.

Happy writing, people. Happy reading, for those that do not write ( or read and write).


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