Fourth March Blog


Fourth March Blog 11-3-15

“Let’s go for a walk,” Becca said.
“Good idea,” agreed her boyfriend Apax.

It was an early sping day. Quite warm, for the time of year. Bright sunshine and a light breeze. They had the beach to themselves. Gentle surf rolled in, little white breakers hitting the sand then rolling back into the grey ocean. The shore shelved quite deeply at this point. Only the hardy took a dip here.

They were not paying attention to their surroundings, more talking about the upcoming party they were planning the following week.

“Shall we make it a fancy dress, vicars and tarts or something.?”
“That’s so old hat Becca. Why did you suggest that?” Apax was always willing to listen to her suggestions, but that was as far as it went. They were never practical, of course. She was not a girl like that. Old-fashioned, her mother called her. But he liked her enough, just the same. Not very modern in her outlook. It was one of the traits he liked about her. Too many girls he had been out with were in your face modern, aggressive even. He much preferred someone a bit laid back, but with style. Becca had style coming out of her ears…………he was staring at the shoreline as he spoke.

“What have you stopped for?” Becca looked in the direction Apax was staring. Something dark was rolling about in the surf. “Is it an animal?” She asked him.
“Too big,” said Apax. ‘It’s big enough for a large dolphin, but I ain’t seen any dolphins around this part of the coast. Maybe something washed in from up along the bay.”
The shape rolled further onto the beach as a large wave tossed it inland.
They both carried on walking, closing the distance between the shape in the surf and themselves. Becca was not keen on finding out but Apax was curious. They were about thirty yards away when Apax stopped walking again.
“Stay here, Becca. I’m going to take a look. If it is what I think it is, then I don’t want you anywhere near when I find out for sure.”
She took his hand, drawing him close so that he could embrace her. “Be careful, Apax. Don’t get hurt!”
He wrapped her in his strong arms. “Don’t be silly, Becca, I’ll be OK. I am juat worried for you. Promise you will wait here, and not move?”
“I promise.” She leant into him. He kissed her tenderly then freed her and started walking towards the dark shape that began to reveal itself, the closer he got.

My last blog was about sun, sea and sand, gentle, peaceful. This could be something different?

Thank you for reading, take care of yourselves.



My Hats.

I wear a hat on different days.
Today is better than most.
Today I am wearing a writer’s hat,
Whilst reading this mornings post.

Tomorrow my hat will change again.
A lover’s hat for me,
For he will join me later on,
With scones and jam for tea.

Johny has fallen at school again.
A nurse’s hat I’ll wear,
For he will need a bandage,
So often, I’m tearing out my hair.

Taking my mother shopping,
My hat will be black as can be,
For I will be her driver that day,
She’s getting infirm you see.

Next week I wear a Teacher’s hat,
I’m helping out with the play.
I used to be an actress
And can teach them lines they say.

But the best hat that I can wear
Is that of wife and mother,
Of all the jobs that are in the world,,
They’re better than any other.

Copyright Evelyn J. Ralph. March, 2015.

Spring Balloons.

The flowers in my garden
Are once again in bloom,
Lots of yellows and spring blues,
Like bouncy blownup balloons.

The reds, they will jostle like ponies
All fat by the side of the gate.
White blooms will not get a look in
If they are allowed to migrate.

Struggling to peek in are pink ones,
All jouncy, they are such fun,
Mixing and playing with lilacs,
Seem happy beneath the bright sun.

If I could tie up a bundle
Of each of the colours in turn,
I’d have me a sky-riding garden,
Where balloons would swivel and churn.

My garden up high in the heavens
With balloon- like floral display,
Designer flowers forever,
Until the wind blows them away.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2015


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