What’s Your First Draft Like? – Sinead Crowley

All good stuff. We don’t all write the same way, like anything ls in life, but we can all learn from each other, pick up the odd tip.

Rebecca Bradley

Today we are taking a look at crime writer Sinead Crowley’s first draft process and not only are we talking about her process, but there is a bonus at the end, so make sure you keep reading!

head onSinéad is Arts and Media Correspondent with RTE News in Ireland, working for TV, radio and the web. She wrote her first novel, ‘Can Anybody Help Me’ while she was on maternity leave with her first child. The book, a psychological thriller set on an internet parenting forum was a bestseller in Ireland and shortlisted for the Crime Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards 2014. A second novel, ‘Are You Watching Me’, which will also feature Sgt Claire Boyle is due out in late 2015.
Sinéad lives in Dublin with her husband and two young sons.

When you decide to write something new, what is the first thing you do?

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