Talking in my sleep

I can never order dreams, and now, I seldom remember dreams, if I dream at all. Better tham some I had many, many moons ago.

Amanda J Miller - Holistic Confidence Coaching

Blue cat

A few nights ago I had a bad dream.  Not a nightmare, but as someone who loves my bed and my sleep, and looks forward to the entertainment that my REM time brings, this one wasn’t much fun.  I was sleeping on  my back, which is never conducive for great dreams for me, and part of my mind was asleep, and part was awake. And my eyes were open, with my head turned slightly to the right.  There is a proper name for this eyes-open sleeping, which is nocturnal lagophthalmos (if you were wondering).  I don’t see monsters or demons, nor angels or fairies. I just see what is in the room as normal. But then my sleeping mind intrudes and creates different scenarios.  On this particular occasion, the chest of drawers was moving towards me, and pulsating!  I couldn’t move away or stop it, as after all most of…

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