First March Blog.


First March Blog. 1-3-15

Now the Year is Rushing Ahead.

Sunshine again, beckons us into spring. Now crocus blooms, daffodils budding, nodding in the strong breeze blowing from the west. Oh, the time of year calls, rejuvenating the earth. Calling forth joyous renewals. Sensing the season, new born, new growth, leaves burgeoning.
Birds calling for mates, sprucing last years nests. Twigs intertwined, filling breaks, mending damage that winter has wreaked. Catching first rays,warming tiny bodies, cajolling insects to burst forth. Songs let loose on the air. Outside window panes, harmonies, dischords, cachophany, melody.


Edge of the sea
Where land meets wave,
Lowering sky hunkers down
On a stormy day.

Here you will find me,
Alone and forlorn,
Fightng the demons,
Raging away.

Until tears drip softly,
Bleeding my soul.
Cleaning my heart,
Fears no longer stay.

Teetering out, but free.
Pebbles moving aside,
Tossed by the ocean
Lost in the grey.

Winding around thee,
Caught on the tide.
Curving, mysterious,
Like one of the Fae.

A meeting to be,
The chance to grasp
Moonbeams, memaids,
And piper to pay.

Oh, lonesome, we,
Our paths seldom meet,
The blink of an eye,
Only in dreams, we lay.

And so, green sea,
Take me to the edge,
Beach me, leave me,
There I must pay.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2015

Short pause today, folks.

Have fun in the sun.



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