Seventh February Blog.



Seventh February Blog.

So the old song goes
‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever..’

The world around, on a bright sunny day, certainly gives an intensity, a perspective of life that does seem to cloud in when the skies are grey and lowering.

Is this built into our psyche? Is there some hidden command in our brains that says cower inside when clouds hunker down upon the earth? Then, a counter command that comes into play when those clouds break apart, revealing vivid blues above. Warmth from that light draws us out into the open, like flower buds bursting forth as the heat and light do their magic!

OK, a fairly modern song quote that says it all in one line. Yes, when the skies are clear, anyone with good eyesight can see a very long way, provided no buildings obscure the view. Think of standing on a hillside, far in the distance, purple-tipped mountains rise on the skyline, creating a vista of beauty, a vision of serenity, a honing point for a journey or journeys end, perhaps. A point on the compass to head for.

Almost forever, not quite though. Gaze out to sea, you cannot see forever but far enough to the horizon. Apparently, it is not as far away as one might think. With water, it is impossible for the eye to tell. This can be for scientists to measure. But on land, much easier to tell. One has to think of sailors, perhaps Vikings, wanting to find out what was over that horizon. Was there more land? Taking life in hand, they ventured and found……well, us, for one. This little island of ours.

In the Pacific, other venturers rowed or set sail for other lands, again with no real knowledge of anything over that watery horizon, except perhaps that possible death awaited them. A freak wave, a chance overbalanced boat, sharks, other sea creatures dangerous to them. They could see no further than their own water horizon but took a chance anyway, hoping……..hoping for what? Food, is often a driving force, if scarce! Space, to house more people? Any and all of these reasons but I wonder if there were those who said “I want to see what is beyond”.

Faraway Viewing.

Crystal gleams
From mountain streams,
Falling from rock high above.
Clear fresh water
Following after,
Down soars the white flying dove.

Purple shading,
Whispy clouds heading
Over the peaks, here and there.
Treetops waving,
Siren wind shaving
Leaves, dancing o’er rocks now bare.

High meadows, sunny,
Woodmouse and bunny
Bask in the heat of the day.
Woods clothe the foothills,
Whilst bird above trills,
Gaily singing to mate far away.

Trees thin out
To farmland route.
Cattle are lowing in field.
Ridges of grain
Down sloping terrain,
Sheep grazing over the Wield.

And so to the barn,
Where spring lambs are born.
Far from the mountain peak.
We see with our eyes,
Life in a disguise,
Distant, we find what we seek.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2015.

Thank you friends, for visiting. Take care.


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