Sixth February Blog.


Sixth February Blog.

Grey Pavement, Between the Cracks.

Those of us who live in towns or cities, played the game when young. On the way to or from school, going shopping with parents, or meeting friends and walking to the park.

The pavement game. Trying not to step on the cracks. It was unlucky, not the done thing, proved we were or were not skilful in jumping from one slab or another, missing the cracks by inches or whiskers.

I cannot even remember what the game was! Too much time and the proverbial water, has slipped under that bridge. But, I cannot help but think that the game was, like any other game we kids played in those bygone years, a standard by which we learnt the rules of life.

Conformity, being a part of the whole, made up of those around us, who in turn, were a part of our lives. Not intimately but on a seismic scale, part of the human condition, part of the ‘group’, a portion of those that made up our local community, its rules and regulations that once conformed to, made living together, that much easier. We knew our place, we knew how to behave because those around us knew exactly the same and abided, to all intents and puposes, in the same way.

We understood the limits we could go to on any given circumstance. OK, so sometimes the rules could be stretched. And sometimes (as quoted in The Matrix) they could be broken, but all within tolerance.

I wonder now, with communities so much changed over the decades, people keeping more to themselves, how much grounding these new young people have in the old ways of learning community ways by this simple route? Are there newer games in this day and age that teach how to abide by community living? Or have such games disappeared vastly, and chaos taken over, changing the patterns forever?

Are we to assume that new patterns will emerge? Are we to accept that groups will react in different ways? Animal groups seem to have set patterns that seldom change, unless we humans interfere with their habitat, food availability. Or weather patterns change, again, affecting environment and food supplies, mating rituals, ratio of male to female, all kinds of problems can develop, bringing about cration or destruction in their wake.

We humans seem to have this planet sewn up, as it were, but only if change die not affect us in any way. However, youthful learning can certainly affect major changes to disorient how our young learn. Or maybe you have other views?

Take care everyone.


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