Recently Read – How To Market A Book by J. F. Penn

I am reblogging thus ( and others like) as much for my information as for everyone else. Always a good thing to have as much help as possible, never can have too much help. I can always sift through at a later date.

Rebecca Bradley

How to Market a Book by J. F. Penn

Genre: Non-fiction

18135290The first job of an author is, of course, to write great books, but these days, their second job is to market them.

Marketing isn’t a skill that most authors have naturally, and there is little formal training. But when your book hits the shelves, and the sales don’t start rolling in, there’s only two things an author can do. Keep writing more books and … Get to grips with marketing.

This book is for authors who want to sell more books, but it’s also for those writers who want to think more like an entrepreneur. It’s for traditionally published authors who want to take control of their future, and for self-published authors who want to jumpstart a career.

There are some short-term tactics for those who want to kick up immediate sales, but the focus of the book…

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