Fifth February Blog.

Spring buds imminent.

Spring buds imminent.

Fifth February Blog. 22-2-15

Auspicious Day.

Well yes, many moons ago it was the day of the birth of K. H. S., 6 lbs 9 ozs. Such is the way life goes. Was extremly pleased, as are 99.9% of womem are, to expel this bundle into an unsuspecting world. Do not worry, i am not going to elaborate any longer, it was just that so much has happened since that time, I could not help remark on the day and the date.

Writer. Born in this day.
1900 – Seán Ó Faoláin, Irish author (d. 1991) … 2001); 1913 – Ranko Marinković, Croatian author (d. 2001) …

February 22 Birthday
A Pisces born February 22 is symbolized by the Fish and has a complex personality.

‎February 22 Birthdays of famous people.
K including George Washington, Cole Pendery, Drew Barrymore, Mia Michaels, Rajon Rondo, to name a few.

I am sure there are many more famous people, of one kind or another, not necessasarily writers ( I narrowed my fiield of search for that profession) who were born on 22nd February, of whatever year. Just a matter of wading through with the search button. Probably many, nay most, I have never even heard of.

Do birthdays really make a difference in this day and age ( apart from getting older, I mean). Back in the day, birthdays seemed to be much more important. A day to be proud of, a day that said you had been alive one more year. Events had occurred, taken their course, you had clocked one up.

Now, it seems, that birthdays mean less than they used to. Is there a Social reason for this, I wonder, or is it just my perspective on life in general today? Who knows? Maybe I do not get to talk to people so much at this time that my own perspective has changed and it is I who see things totally differently. Perhaps it is life in general for me that has less meaning than it did?

Have a great day friends.


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