Fourth February Blog


Fourth February Blog. 16-2-15

Internet Junkeys.

PC Computers have been around for a while now. Not so long, but long enough. However, the Internet has not really been around so long that everyone is a part of its nebulous spirals.

I am, (well in a way) I am talking about older people, two friends of mine who have nothing whatsoever to do with the Internet, or even computers. Both are in their 7th decade. I keep telling them both they should get a Computer.

I keep trying to extoll its virtues, giving them info that I have gleaned from its myriad strands. Like, Important stuff for their health. Information about services they need or can be useful to them both etc. ad infinitum. They laugh at me, being so ‘into it’.

But think what they are missing! OK, so their lives are not my lives, don’t expect them to be. But in this modern world, it is like I am talking into The Dark Ages. I want to take these friends into the LIGHT! One told me that she would have to learn to type first. Who thinks you have to do a typing course before you can use a computer? One friend has a sister who uses a computer of sorts to write poems. Fine, but last I heard she was not on the Internet. What a waste!

There would have been a time when even I would have baulked at the idea, but I myself was led gently into the system, many moons ago, now taking advantage Of
all it has to offer. I need information – I Google. Simple as can be. Yeah, I know. Pinch of salt and all that.

But it is a starting point! Same with WIKI. Corroboration is the name of the game. Look it up on several places, check information against information, corroborate what one site tells you against another. Work out a mean difference to come to a conclusion. More often than not, I already have the glinting of an idea about what I am looking up. I just want to corroborate what I think against what these info sites are telling me.

I understand that age can be a stumbling block, know that only too well. I was frightened of new technology, way back when. But you get to used to it, or someone of it at least.

Wish I could talk them through some of what I know. Would be so nice. Am I wishing on the moon? Probably!

Poem I wrote today.

Untitled. February poem 18-2-15

The bright orb of sunlight, filtering down.
More poeple driving off into town.
So roads are fuller of life’s busy throng,
Glad in the heart, just singing along
As radio waves burst forth with glee,
Songs of the moment. Happy they be.
Spring in the air, bounce in the step,
Full vim and vigour, plenty of pep!
Streets become crowded as people pass by,
Eating a sandwich, shouting to friends ‘Hi’.
Oh for the joy, the warm weather hum,
Gone is the season. No longer humdrum.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward February, 18-2-15

Local City Hall, in their infinite wisdom, have been around here planting young trees! Problem is, they have planted one outside my hedge. OK, so it’s base has been planted in the paving stone closest to the road….BUT…… coincides where my daughter parks her car. One wrong move when parking, and she could smack the car door into the tree or its wooden supports when opening said door. How stupid is that. No forethought about peopk living there. Her car was sat there whilst they planted the tree. They could have knocked on the doir and let us know. But no! The guys planting would never do a thing like that?!!! Sheesh!!!!

Be happy, good people.


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