Second February Blog


Second February Blog. 9-2-15

Times, they are a’changing.

What a changing world! Had mum and dad lived longer, they would have been astonished at what can be done today. Mum would have been happy for me, but she was not a deep thinker of any kind. More a physical person.

Had my brother lived longer, he would, I am sure, have ‘ got it ‘, as would my dad. Both, in their own right, clever men. The modern computer age would have added to their view of this world of ours, more so than the views they already held. A great pity none of them lived long enough to share this bounty that is available to the majority of todays world citizens.

Kids! Most Western Culture children will grow up with immense knowledge today, unlike their forebears who, though knowledgeable in thir own right, would have been able to learn much more had the technology been available.

So, truth maybe, that each generation becomes much more aware than its predecessor? But on occasion, some wild action jump starts information. More often than not, wars push technology. What was not available, due to war advents, now beones availabke as more money is often spent to bring about a victory. ( Whatever that might mean.)

Knowledge tiday, information, is bountiful in its generosity. Any problems my parents, brother, might have had, I am sure that grandchildren or any sons or daughters would have expounded for them.

I wonder, in this modern day and age, if the young people are aware of just how far all this information has travelled, timewise. Howmuch do they know about the past, their country and culture’s past, the world’s past? What had led to where they are today, or if they even care? After all, yesterday’s future is today’s past, isn’t it? Should the young of today know what has gone before them? If they do not know or care, how cn they understand the world they live in?

Many countries still live in a different accounting of time. Who says one is more correct than the other? Just because I live in one time zone, should I not be aware of the time zones or eras that others in this globe inhabit?

But often these differences are either ignored, or unknown. At least, everyone who is a part of a ‘modern ‘ world, should be aware.

Take care, my friends, this world is bountiful but it can also be cruel.



2 thoughts on “Second February Blog

  1. You could be right. But I was meaning all the wonderful places, creatures, Nature, buildings that are in this world that are not acknowledged because most of what is used by the younger gnpeneration, it appears to me, like on phones etc., is just rubbish. Has no content to edify and educate. Am I just too old-fahioned?

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