The Lost Treasures of Bad King John (plus other treasures both found and missing).

A recent t.v. drama tells a story about Detectorists. These unfound treasures interest a great many. If only !!!!!!

Stephen Liddell

Have you ever wanted to get rich quick?  Long before Nigerian spammers were in on the act there was the art of metal-detecting.  Often metal-detecting enthusiasts are derided as being a little bit odd and depicted as spending their lives wondering around barren fields with not much to show for it but then one of them discovers a lost treasure and spends the rest of their lives still being the subject of jealousy the rest of us.

The largest UK hoard of Anglo Saxon treasure was found in a field near Lichfield in Staffordshire in July 2009, by metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert.  His 7th Century hoard of 1,600 items including sword pommels, helmet parts and processional crosses was valued at £3.285m!

It was announced yesterday that Paul Coleman from the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club discovered more than 5,000 coins buried inside a lead bucket two feet under a field near Aylesbury.  The…

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