Eighth January Blog



Eighth January Blog

A brand new year, time passing.

We can all remember back to our childhood days. Carefree, hopefully. Just school work to make us think about the future.

But did we really think about the years ahead. Not in any kind of depth, I doubt. Oh yes, we dreamt of what we wanted to be, how our lives would turn out with happiness, riches, fullfilled in every way. A schoolchild’s dream. But did this really have any meaning for most of us? Again, I seriously doubt it. Unless you lived in a wartorn area, or were extremely poor, and there are many like that these days still.

Come to think of it, when I was young, none of us had much of anything during the second world war. Food was very short, clothing was hard to get too and if it was available, you had to have money first of all, but also, you had to have coupons. Coupons for clothing, coupons for many foodstuffs. So most people were in rhe same boat.

Days were long, or appreared to be. Strange how when one grows older, time becomes shorter. We do not always notice this at other times. It is only in the latter part of our lives ( should we live long enough ) that we really notice how fast time is running out. We say to each other ‘that week went quick’! And it does appear to race away. Is there an explanation for this? Perhaps Einstein had a theory? I am sure someone has done a survey that would enlighten us all as to the reason why this happens. All in the mind? Possibly! I for one, am not trying to race ahead with what is left of my lifespan. Far from it. There are thngs I still wish to complete and there is nowhere near enough time.

So right now, I seem to be standing still whilst running headlong, at breakneck speed, into the future. I do not consider that I am the only person, in this hemisphere, feeling this way. That would be silly, when friends feel the same way.

So is there any way we can dispel this headlong thrust. Racing to catch the wind, when all we want is to turn back the tide of time? No answer, comes the reply. I have heard it said we should fill our time to the hilt with meaningful projects of one kind or another. To me, all that seems to do is make time pass even faster than it already does.

So I think back on all the wasted time that has littered my life. Time when running fast/standing still was at a premium. We cannot revisit the past though. But if we could….would we really want to? We all think we would like to change the past. But it ain’t gonna happen, not any time soon!

I guess this trip into the miasma of the past comes from currently reading books set back in the 1500s and watching a new drama called “TURN” about the American war of Independence. Influences that can take the mind backwards to relive past times.

Today, the sun is shining, it is slighly warmer, spring flowers must feel like poking their heads through the soil, and another year begins again. The Circle of Life!

Be happy.



4 thoughts on “Eighth January Blog

  1. The day goes faster because I cannot stay awake until midnight or one p.m. Instead of arising at 5:00 a.m., it is closer to 6:00 a.m. That is three hours out of one day; twenty-one hours out of a week. The day isn’t going faster, I’m going slower.

  2. I find time flies nowadays too! For me, once my boys started school, all I was doing was looking to the next holiday (half term, Easter etc) so that we could go out and have fun again. Life is taken in a series of 6 week blocks. I often feel like I am wishing time away, which sounds awful! Now that my eldest has left school and is working, he also feels like time is flying. So maybe it’s not just older people who feel that? My new philosophy is to make the most of each day 🙂

  3. Perhaps you are correct Jen, and maybe the world is spinning faster, not literally but we do not now live by the seasons, which in rhemselves, are quite long. But modern living appears to speed things up. Everything done in a fast pace. Instead of taking days or weeks to get ánywhere, people are flashed away at terrific speeds, totally unknown a couple centuries ago. I have been busier this week and suddenly, it is Wednesday!!! In a world of distances shortened, what can we expect? What can we change? Only possibly livng in a slower part of the world, mayhap? Though I even doubt that.

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