The Biennial Office Move

What wonderful views, how inspiring. I long to go back to Canada for a visit. Saldly, this is now out of the question. Your picture brought on a sense of that longing.


New office space - Guenette photo

(All moved and loving it!)

At least every two years, I pick up stakes and move my entire office space to another area of our cabin and occasionally, over the years, to other geographical areas. While working away for a couple of years, I lived in two different apartments. Then there was my time at the university – a dorm room and two apartments over a six and a half-year time span.

But the majority of these moves (ten out of fifteen) have been within the confines of this 1400 square foot home. I’ve been upstairs, downstairs, east, west, north and south.

Office space back entry - Guenette photo

(A short-lived try at working in the entryway.)

Why this urge to move around? I haven’t tracked the whole process thoroughly enough to give a definitive answer. All I know is that now and then I have to move.

Since I reinvented myself as a self-published author of…

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One thought on “The Biennial Office Move

  1. I use to change furniture and my office space in a small apartment regularly. Now I go between two homes which accomplishes the same thing…freshness…however doing it just because we want to is good enough reason for me.

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