Third January Blog


Third January Blog. 10-1-15

Windy Weather.

With the wind comes urban detritus. Fetched up on the porch comes clear plastic pouches, paper carrier bags (which no doubt, last night held a kebab), all manner ofpop papers, bottles, plastic fruit containers, you name it. Some people around here have waste issues. They just let things drop, throw them to the winds, or stuff them in peoples’ hedges. And you would not think they could be so irresponsible.

The sun shines, the tree branches shift about, bare but brooding. No doubt, they contain spring buds, all ready to burst forth, giving us joy that hopefully, winter is on its way out. The doom and gloom announcements by weathermen in December of snow and ice has been forestalled by a brilliant ball from the cosmos, heralding warmer times, on their way.

For myself, I am happy that we have not had the extremes of weather foretold. I think it might have been a marketing ploy, urging people to buy coats, boots, car scrapers etc. But then again, winter is not over yet, in these climes. It can change on a sixpence (dime, for those of you in the North American continent), and depending on where the wind blows from, and what weather systems it brings with it, ( Arctic ice storms, dragging down or winds and weather atraffing across northern Europe from the Urals – mountains in what used to be the U.S.S.R). Though most of our weather comes across the Antarctic Ocean, which can, in winter, mean snow and ice storms from America/Canada. Having said that, the Antarctic is at least a couple thousand miles across at least, and these systems can fade as they transpose from cold and ice to relative warmth in the Gulf Stream rich waters that bathe our shores.

So, there may be worse to come. We never really know, but as it is so mild, comparatively speaking, right now, it is posible that hard weather systems may skim by us altogether? I would like to think so, I am hoping that this is the worst it will get.

Wherever you live. I hope your weather becomes what you would like it to be.

Take care out there.



2 thoughts on “Third January Blog

  1. Weather is relative. The friends we left behind on the Texan island where we moved bow are shivering with freezing temps whereas we in the second coldest city to live in the US will be happy to see 32 again We rejoice when it is above zero!Alice

    • Is that Chicago? I know that is a very cold city. I used to write to a friend there. I live in Southern England. The sun has dropped beliw the yard ar, ( old nautucal saying) so will soon be dark again. Roll on spring, as each day passes, the day gets longet and longer at both ends.


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