Second January Blog


Second January Blog.

Perspective, Relative.

Distance changes how we see,
Three high mountains, far away.
Their majesty, their awesome shapes.
But closer to, eyes discern
Not pinnacles, symmetrical,
Rising High, near-allegorical.
Their shapes undefined,
Like fat Bhudha figurines.
Covered in forests,
Green, uninviting.
Filling the skyline
Where white clouds
Fall as mists.
Raindrops blur vision,
All becomes a single
Colour, misty green.
Nothing separated,
Nothing moving.

Yet, knowledge dictates
There is life encompassed within.
Birds, their bodies hunched
Against the wet,
Feathers, umbrellas
Where rivulets run,
Sliding down the oiled
Tips, falling to the branch
Or ground, onto the
Shaggy beaver or bear.
Into the marmot’s eye
As he gazes at the tree above.
The doe, shakes. Raindrops
Shower onto the warm
Furry rabbit.

All this surmised,
Not one stands out
Nor parts the branches to spy.
Like a puffball,
Its seed barely discerned
Through the hazy white
Outer shell, the down
Blown windwards,
Seeking a home
In the forest floor.

The mountains we view,
Lost in veils of vapour,
Are the home,
The surrounding forest,
The green puffball.
Creatures within,
The heart, the seed
Searching for a home
To embed, to grow, become.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. January, 2015.

I have just posted this new poem twice, but not on this blog. So, here it is. I was inspired by the misty rain outside this morning. And it would not be me if I did not comment on the weather, here in beautiful Blighty. Blow me, if the sun has not come out now!!! Just to make a mockery of all the thoughts and feelings I have expressed about rain and miserable weather. Still, rather have the sun shining than not.

Other than the above poem, I am suffering from a lassitude, brought on by the end of the holiday. Taking down decorations. Deciding where to put the lit displays we bought this year, because we will want them next year and storage can be a problem. They are not large, but serpentine in shape. Luckly I have found a large Lock and Lock box ( should be for cakes) where they may fit and can be found eleven months hence. Always a problem. Now where did I put those decorations?

I am reading a new book by C. J. Sansom called ‘Lamentation’. This is nunber six in this series and is about Sargeant Shardlake, a hunchback lawyer in the time of Henry 8th. Every book, as you would hope, is different but follows a pattern where Shardlake gets unwittingly involved in murder and treasonable events. I was given a gift voucher and bought the Kindle version, meaning to save it for a later date. Not good. I had to just have a little look, and am now on chapter 9. Very naughty of me. If you like this era and like this kind of story, then I heartily recommend these books.

What this means is, that my TBR list has been pushed further along. So, cannot be helped. When a known ( to me ) author publishes a new book, I at least check it out, and in this case, buy it and start reading. It’s a failing I know.

Take good care, my friends,



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