First January Blog. 4th January, 2015

To light the way into the year.

To light the way into the year.

First January Blog 4-1-15

Begins a New Year.

Here it is, the start of a new year. And as usual, a weather report. It has been either pouring with rain or damp, wet and chilly for the past two days. Great start to the year, I must say!

I have worked a little on the piece “The Way Home”, (which I have previously posted in two parts) but such as it is, the beginning of the year is more about new connections, good wishes sent to those we know or visits to relatives and friends. But I guess, this is all coming to an end by tonight and the new year, tomorrow, will begin in earnest.

Of course, many of us will be sporting gifts recieved at Christmas. I was given some lovely gifts. Many early, long before Christmas arrived. Made Santa work early, dry run, kind of thing. But he came back on the due date with a well recieved comic DVD of “Porridge” Specials, which, after approx. 38 years, are still funny to me. Also a very useful extra of an Amazon gift voucher. Handy because a certain person discovered a new book by an author I really like, so, as his books cost a lot more than I average paying for, I was able to purchase this book without worry. Sorry, I just had to start reading it. My TBR list has been dropped back a bit. I am on chapter five of this new book, and it is worth it.

Everything I was given was great, ueful and enjoyable. One, a scarf. Not an ordinary scarf, one that is fake fur, short and just enough, but warm around my ever chilly neck. There is a slot where one end fits through the other, so, does not fall off. Just mentioning these as very useable items, but all have their charms as well as uses.

I expect many of you have either made resolutions, or dismissed the whole idea. I have goals, which I hope to achieve. If I do, at some point later on, I shall post about them. If not, I will keep very quiet about the whole idea, as I suspect most will.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015. To you all.



5 thoughts on “First January Blog. 4th January, 2015

  1. I kinda gave up on the makin’ of resolutions last year. I wrote a post about ’em and managed to break some of those resolutions in that very same post! That’s gotta be a record, for sure.



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