Twelfth And Last December Blog


Twelfth December Blog. 22-12-14

Shortest Day.

I said in my last blog that I probably would not post again until after Christmas. And I am only writing this part to mention that, here in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year has come, and gone. I have no idea how anyone else feels, but I for one, hate winter and am so pleased when this event occurs on the 21st December each year. It means that from now on, each day will become lighter longer, morning and evening.

It is Christmas Eve. Been a peaceful day. No shops! No worries. Resting, coffee, cheese and biscuit lunch. Sausage rolls for tea, I hope to make soon. Watching food programmes, gentle ones, not those chefs who are all bouncy,, but Nigel Slater, who has a softer approsch.

Have deboned the turkey breast, stuffed it with sausagemeat and tied it up in a roll so, easy-carve. My legs will roast on their own beside the breast roll. Made sausage rolls for this evening. All done and half eaten.

25-12-14. Christmas Day evening, resting after a late meal. Turkey was nice. Had Black Forest gateaux later. We have Christmas pudding but tends to be heavy after a large meal. Watched latest X Men. 2nd Mummy film on now, was not good when made. First Mummy Film was excellent though. See, another film that has nothing to do with Christmas.

Also a piece about how “Frozen” came about. Yes, we watched it a couple of days ago. The songs are easy for children to learn and sing. We watched a programme about how the film came about, how the songs were written. In. Theatre, there were children, many dressed in character, singing along. Enjoying every moment.
A great Disney film., one that is being loved by kids and adults alike.

Watching several, old and new, Top Gear Specials. Quite fun, even though personally, I do not drive. Most, we have seen before, laughed at and enjoyed before. The one going to the North Pole, the one through parts of Africa. The new one, in two parts, through Argentina down to Tierra del Fuego (and the hoo ha that went with it). Enjoyable but, less so than usual.
However, it is midday New Years Eve, again watching Top Gear Special in South America ( not the contretend one but an earlier one that starts going through jungle). They are interesting and oft times comical. Does make me wonder what joy men ( OK, some people) have in motorised vehicals? It gets one from A to B, and as far as I am concerned, that is all they mean to me.

The Year Beginning.

So, a New Year has begun,
What will these days mean to us?
Now that two thousand and fourteen
Has passed, oh what was the fuss?
Forget the past, think of today
When you start to plan ahead
Of what achievements you wish to make,
What joy, what hope, what dread?
As youths, we scarce plan for tomorrow.
As the years pass on by, we sojourn,
But in the passing of most of our lives
We think back, often wish to return.
Oh where is the callowness, gone I fear,
Passed like winds, nought to show.
Dare I look back at what life passed by me.
Do I wish, do I sigh? Oh, no.
For there is no way I can visit those times,
Except in my dreams, in my mind.
Remembering only brings tears to my eyes,
An ache in my heart for my kind.
So value the passage of time set adrift,
Make use of whatever it brings,
Sadness of joy, we value them both,
And in each of those goals, our life sings.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. Last Day of December, 2014

Sunshine again, with a sharp frost. Which reminds me of a “Porridge” quote from episode two, Mr Mackay, the warder says to the new prisoners, ” Beautiful day, for the time of year, quite astonishing!” (It being New Years Day).

Which brings me to my wish for you all to have a Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful and Productive Year ahead. Happy 2015. May it bring you all the kindness you want for yourself, Family and friends.



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