The Edge of the New?

Something to ponder on as one year changes, by calendar, into the next, our methid of marking time.

The Silent Eye

Edge of new tree

We tend to view the approach of key milestones like the New Year as marking a transition for us, as though they had some objective reality. In fact, outside of major astronomical events, such as the solstice, their significance must really be within ourselves. But we do all share them, so in one sense they have a collective presence in our consciousness.

The ancient wisdom, in all its forms, has taught us that our real being – our Soul if you like – has its place and its growth in the now. Regardless of the constructs our society places around things.

The now is a simple thing to say, but quite a complex concept to grasp, if we want to use it for personal transformation. To examine the now from the mind’s perspective is a bit like sawing through a tree to see its inner flow!

Edge of New tree trunk sawn

The reason we have…

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