Eleventh December Blog

Merry Christmas to all my followers.

Merry Christmas to all my followers.

Eleventh December Blog.

How many Christmas books and films do you treasure to revisit at Christmas?

Oh, plenty watch t.v. and the re-broadcasts of what are termed ‘old favourites’ here in England. But really! Are they?

I think it is more a cash saving opportunity for the t.v. scheduling Companies to save a bob or two. Yes, here I shall be depicted as Scrooge. But, if you think about it, they have to balance the books too ( in favour of those shareholders who want a larger income because prices have gone up), not that I am in favour of those with more, getting more. It seems to me an easy option. They have probably already paid for long term rights to films/t.v. Series etc. so why not kill two birds, etc………?

We all have our individual favourites, so we pick and choose what to watch, when to watch them ( luckily, for most, that facility is now available to us) when we want or have time to play back and enjoy watching them in a leisurely way. Ain’t that grand?

Personally, I love to watch the Christmas “The Good Life”. Seen it countless times, but like all the others we watch, are like visiting old friends. Going to be on today (Saturday pre Christmas) but we cannot see it due to a summer cable accident. So we will watch it at our leisure.

Not in any order, other than how they pop into my mind, The Christmas specials . “Porridge” , both hour long episodes, if they are available. The black and white version, with Alistair Sim of “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Neither of thes look good in colour, in our opinion. There are others that are a little offbeat like. “The Bishop’s Wife” and ‘Elf”, and many others.

‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’
‘Die Hard’
‘Home Alone’
‘Muppet Christmas Carol’
‘Miracle in 34th Street ‘ ( most versions)
‘White Christmas’
‘Trading Places’

I will stop here because lots have been missed out, many purely childrens films and as I have no contact with children any more, we do not watch many of these a they can become too sad.

You will have your own lists, I am certain. (Oh for the old days when I was young with lots if cousins and aunties, party in the evening. – no television then ).

What I do find most annoying are films that should never be aired at Christmastime, and more often than not, are!

Films like “Ben Hur”. This never has been a film about Christmas. It is an Easter film, always has been, alwys will be. The only reason they air it at Christmas is…..it fills a gap in time, being 3 and a half hours long. I know. Back when videos were all the rage, I had to use two tapes as the three hour tape was half an hour short.

There are others, I know, that fall into this category, for all kinds of reasons, just filling air time. Films with maybe just a hint of Christmas, others with no rhyme nor reason for being aired in this season of jolity. Yes, a religious festival for some, perhaps for many, but for lots of people it can be ‘ see the family, have a drink with friends, settle down, the kids or grands play with toys, but watch the box’. How many still watch the Queen’s speech? Tradition! Does she really have anything ti say these days ? After all, mostif the time she puts forward what the Government wants us to know. She is just a titular head these days. Maybe that is as it should be. After all, days when kings or querns could do what they liked are long gone.

This might be my last pre – Christmas Blog ( unless something take my fancy ), so I will reiturate my thanks for reading any or all of my missives. Please continue to do so if you have time ( always time gets away from us, doesn’t it? ). I thank you all once again and wish you all the best of the Seasonal Festivities in whatever part of the world you live in. Please come back and visit me some more. I enjoy your comments and I enjoy knowing that you are all out there with me.



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