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Next part of my story

Ninth December Blog. 17-12-14

Next portion of

The Way Home.

(. From last post on this “That cannot be helped, right now. All we can do, has been done. We need new orders to cover the situation. Come! Speed may help.” Adire and Hroan left Ruby in the hallway. She would awaken soon, remembering little of her two visitors. Little, but just enough to prick her mind. -starting from now:-)

” Ruby’s head was pounding as she woke. She felt nauseous too. Bright sunshine streamed through the narrow gap in the curtains. “i can’t deal with this,” she said aloud, wondering what had happened to make her feel so bad. She could not remember going to bed. She did not remember much of anything, come to that. Mussing her less than tidy hair, she took her head in both hands, shaking her head side to side to try to make herself feel normal again.

The room was chilly. Pulling back the bed linen, she slipped her legs out from under the covers, feeling a sudden chill. Searching around with her toes, she located her slippers. The floor was icy but soon her slippers were on, as well as her dressing gown. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a few moments, she wondered how she got into bed last night. Ruby had the distinct impression that she collapsed in the hallway. That was the last thing she remembered.

Downstairs was chilly too. Ruby set about lighting the gas stove to get a bit of warmth going. A few minutes later the kettle sang loudly as Ruby bustled about the kitchen, washing up last nights cup.

So she had tea then, last night? What was the time?

It was after ten o’clock! But it was Saturday so she need not worry about work. At least part of her brain was thinking the right way!

Dressing later, she checked the weather. Sunshine! No snow then! She remembered snow yesterday. Something was missing! Ruby had no idea what it was, but something was definitely missing.

At the small shop, just along the road, she bought a newspaper, almost collapsing at the pictures on the front page. Fire engines, police cars, ambulances. And the headlines ‘Blast destroys bank in London!’ , and ‘A hundred people killed or injured!’ It was her building, where she used to work until recently. Somehow, the news seemed secondhand. But how could that be?

Immediately Ruby’s chest tightned. She found it hard to breathe. Her hand clutched over her heart. Her mind whirled as she fought to stay alive.

It was then that a strange apparition appeared before her eyes. Just a face, no more than that. The mouth moved but no sound came. Then, like a radio had suddenly switched on, a crackle, the air felt electric. Then a familiar voice broke through. “Keep breathing Ruby, I will be with you very quickly. Just KEEP BREATHING!”

The face disappeared, was gone, then instantaneously, was before her again. Not just a face but a whole body. “Well done, Ruby, good girl.” The figure wrapped her arms around Ruby’s body, tightening at each staggering breath that Ruby took.

Gradually, with Hroan’s arms about her, Ruby’s breath became easier. There was peace too, and Ruby had no idea why, but, she felt at ease. All the terror left her. All the bad feeling that had settled inside her mind as she read the headline, dissipated like a wave on the shore, flowing out to sea. She felt the motion of water surrounding her body, bouyed up by its elasticity, supported by its depths, lulled until a cloying sleep overtook her, her mind at ease.

“We cannot keep doing this,” stated Adire.

“No,” agreed Hroan, “but we have no choice. This one is not strong.”

Ruby lay on her bed, covered by just a duvet. Her breathing was deep, sonorous. Nothing disturbed her slumber for several hours.

This is as far as it goes for a few days or more. See how I feel.

Have a good day out there my friends


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