Seventh December Blog


ISeventh December Blog. 14-12-14

Weird Advertising!!!!

Went shopping Saturday morning. Great sunshine again this morning. Love it.

The title of this possibly short blog is due to something spotted on the way to the store. Daughter said, “look over there, dinosaurs! What are dinosaurs doing in a golf club?”

I looked, and sure enough, there were, Diplodocus. and way over the back, a Tyranosaurus Rex, in front, something like a Stegosaur and something looking like a large crocodillian. Possibly, more dinosaurs further over, we were driving past, after all, not parked.

Now, the question is this. What is a small golf club/range doing with large model dinosaursi???? Are they trying to attract youngsters to play golf? Is there some special Fete going on today? Seems a lot of trouble to go to for something small. So, curiosity, why are these reasonably large prefabricated dinosaurs stuck aound a mini golf area??? Is a puzzlement?

Thete are lots of advertisements on t.v. that are shown to the general public. And you see them and think to yourself ‘what the heck was that?’ It appears to have no relation whatsoever with the product is purporting to sell to you.

Has markting suddenly gone mad? Do these advertising geeks think we can be wooed, simply because we like a pretty iscene, a smiling face, a …….it goes on!

Call me old-fashioned, call me old. Call me stupid ( I may be technologically backward – but stupid with regard to most things – I am not) but everyone is not the same, surely? Certainly, the advertising geeks do want to hit their target audience? Otherwise, what would be the point! Spending all that mobey, and no obe u derstanding wjat it s all about!

Happy Saturday to you all, or Sunday if you live in the Antipides.


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