Sixth December Blog


Sixth December Blog. – 15-12-14

A Jester’s Life

Grinndle was a working man,
A jester, have no doubt.
His tricks were really clever,
You could hear the knights shout out.

“Come on, prithee jester,
The wine is flowing strong,
Come and entertain us,
We’ll gladly sing along.”

So Grinndle danced and capered,
His dogs did dance a jig,
Jumping up and though the hoops
He fashioned: then the pig.

He taught them all so gainfully,
The knights threw coin arrays.
His ribbons cast such gay corrals,
The Ladies sang their praise.

Everyone was merry,
The feast was a success,
And Grinndle played his part so well,
His Lord was most impressed.

His dogs were given bones to eat
When they had done their turn,
And Grinndle capered just as hard,
He’d choose new tricks to learn.

A jester’s life is only good
So long as he does fine
At making his Lord and Lady
And their knights glad all the time.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2014

I know that poetry is not for everyone. Some take a lot of time writing poems that are deep, meaningful, precious, and that is fine. Many of my poems can be something like that but most are quick and lighthearted. I find poetry quite easy, especially the rhyming kind. Any rhyming pattern is good by me, and I do like to change the patterns around, depending on how I feel at the time – what I am writing at that partucular moment. I do not normally spend hours thinking them through, it just isn’t my way. Fast and furious, you might say.

That is not eveyone’s way, those of us who like to write poetry, that is. Verse comes to me at random times, mostly. But with some subjects, I think, oh, I want to write a poem about that or, that would make a good rhyme. It might depend on the season, the weather, a suggestion, anything really. I finish here with a poem suggested by a photograph on another’s blog.

I do not, for one moment, think that my poems are brilliant or successful or anything of that ilk. No. I just like to write poems. That is all there is to it. Nothing more, nothing less.

It does not matter what subject is chosen, whether you choose to rhyme, or not. It can be patterns from Japan, or some other country where a particular way of writing poems is adhered to. All grist to the mill. I have written the odd Haiku myself, but apparently, the strict form of Japanese Haiku is no longer used in this country. I was recently in touch with an author whose Haiku was chosn in a newspaper competition, and it was not the strict version I was taught. When I queried it with the lady, she told me that the shorter version is now the accepted way outside of Japan. So things change. You have to make sure you keep up if you want to enter competitions of this kind. Nice to know!


Blowing chill,
Winds sweep over the hillside,
Stopping for nought,
Not trees, which stand in their path,
Bending, swaying, to save from losing
Their roots clinging drastically
To the stony ground.
A lifelong struggle
Twixt wind, riain and pebbles.
Mud slides downhill. Roots
Lose the tussel
Between winter viscosity
And concreted summer soil.
Few brazen out this existence.
A low pine, here,
A misshapen oak, there!
Ash seeds ground into
Crevice, dell.
Very few. Far apart.
Lost in the mindset of some
Other worldly God
Who plays by strange rules;
Forces weird shapes
Where others follow Normal
Cry havoc with unnatural
Demons, who raise gales
Where none rose before.
Hurricanes blast,
Sirroccos whine across
Blossoms barely bloom,
Then are cast from the branch.
Powerful breezes
Fill the space when stronger winds
Yet those fierce winds raze
Leaving them deformed, dying,

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2014

Happy Days, everyone, be careful out there.


5 thoughts on “Sixth December Blog

    • This is just a poem about my character from ‘Grinndle the Jestor’. Several tales about Grinndle and how his life was in Granteed Castle. Am working on the Twelfth tale about how he acquires a tiny horse to join the dogs in his act.

  1. No Nissy, never have. Thank you for the information. Is he on WordPress, Nissy? Shall I look myself? I often get things wrong a times. Oh, how’s the Nip going? I do worry that too much nip is not good for a growing cat!
    Love the purrs, always.

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