Third December Blog

My book

My book

Third December Blog. 5-12-14

Time is marching on.

Yes, Christmas is getting closer. Now for some, that is great, cannot wait. These people are organised; started early in the year, probably. Cards were bought maybe last season or in January, when prices are reduced, or some such. Presents, purchased during the year, are now wrapped, bagged, and ready for distribution.

Family visitors have been invited, or, invitations accepted, the list is set up where it can be seen easily. Hair appointments were booked months ago, and for ladies, the Nail Bar appointment has also been sorted. (Are any of you out of breath, so far?). Dresses, new shirts, tie, suits already cleaned, pressed, bought. New shoes,worn in a litle so as not to hurt the feet over the holidays. (I certainly feel like Margo Leadbeater from ‘The Good Life’ – totally organised, though I am not, not really) . Car serviced, filled up with fuel. Roadworks checked for journeys to be made through the full holiday. Have I left anything out?

Well, you get the picture! Are you a Margo Leadbeater, or are you a Tom Good, get it done, if and when you get the time, money or inclination? I am halfway.

I posted a card through my neighbour’s door last night. I cannot see the place until I go around the corner. He has lights indoors, of course, but the hedge his side is strewn with a net of white lights, as are little trees up the path to the front door, and, not to be outdone, a tree, covered in bi-colour lights in the centre of the grass to one side of the path. Very pretty. Would not be everyone’s cup of tea, but, I sort of went for it, myself. They are kind of ‘out there’ people. Most of my road do very little to usher in this ‘Season of Goodwill’. Many are not Christian, so, I suppose i can see their point.

Moisture is already blazing a trail on top of my relative’s car. Not certain what the temperature will go down to tonight, but it isn’t warm. That is for sure! Just checked on local temp. App. And it says 7 deg. C. Do not believe that for an instant. Feels much lower.

Car parks at supermarkets are getting fuller, even during mid-morning. Roads are hotting up with traffic. OK, so around here, Friday is a bad day. Friday getting close to lunch time adds more pressure. Friday, near lunch, first week in December…….you can guess, it ain’t gonna get any better. So much worse is yet to come.

We bought a heart-shaped Christmas wreath with LED battery operated lights. I said I might find some ivy in the garden. It was startng to spit with rain when we got home so the ivy was a tad damp. But I got some and wound it round the wicker heart, then some purple/red parcel ribbon, a centimetre wide, was wrapped around the heart and ivy. Looks nice. Now all we need is a hook for the door.

A white-washed wooden reindeer, about five centimetres tall was also purchased. That stands right by a miniature Christmas tree on the cupboard. In front is a serpentine white plastic Christmas, with a tree to one side with lights behind each letter. In the centre is a string of coated wire open-work balls with red lights inside them. Lastly is another serpentine white stand alone set of trees and a reindeer in the centre. Our small tree does not yet have a home. Decision to be made there..

Now, Saturday morning. Very sharp frost. But the sky is blue all over and the sunshine is dazzling. I do hope it lasts. Did a bit of shopping, odds and ends but my foot (the one I cut on a broken bottle end) hurts more if I am on it a lot. And ‘a lot’ isn’t very much for me lately. It was a very deep cut, hence all the outpouring and three stitches. Never mind, bright sunshine dispells most troubles. Lots of people about early too, and we are no slouches getting out early on a Saturday. Eight a.m., the sun just rising over a stretch of white grass and slight mist, was a glorious sight at this time of year.

That is as far as we have gone so far, lovely people. If you have great weather todaym, enjoy it. Keep your strength up, the best is yet to come ( or the worst). Ha!



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