Tenth (and last). November Blog


Tenth November Blog -one day to go before December rears its head!

First poem this week, – last poem for November, 2014

The Search.

I searched for love, but love left me bleeding.
How much can I take, without any heeding.
Love found a way, then senses went reeling.
Love why leave me behind?

I journeyed abroad where sense did not matter.
Left all the harshness and all the bad chatter.
I wanted to follow you, when my heart went pitter patter.
Love why were you unkind?

Far reaches of Earth, my travelling was endless.
I searched for a truth, and I wound up friendless.
No matter my search, each one I sought, souless.
Love get out of my mind.

And yet, in the end, the fruits of my labour
Were suddenly enriched, I found you, my saviour.
Just when I thought you were only a neighbour.
Love came back in on rewind.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. November, 2014

The first poem this week. Well, it has been a busy and somewhat traumatic week. I had no time, no inclination, to write. A poem, I thought, for a project. But the poem I have written here is not what I thought I would write. This is how it happens. I tinker with a word or two, or three until something triggers a spark that moves me along the first line. I have no idea, beforehand, what rhyming pattern I will use, if it will rhyme at all, that is!

Four thirty eight a.m. this morning, I awoke, and could not get back to sleep for over an hour. What did I do? Lying there?
Words came to me.
“She stared at the crystal chalice. It was carved centuries ago by some forgotten artisan. It was a treasure, an heirloom of her Family, down aeons of time, it had served her people well. Gentu glided towards the glass cabinet that held the chalice. Her fingers touched the cold crystal box, wound seductively around its five sides, like a passionless serpent.”

OK, so I only got the first two sentences, the rest I have just this minute added to give the tiny piece some dimension in my mind. What say you, my friends? Any good? Worth trying further?

Be good.



5 thoughts on “Tenth (and last). November Blog

  1. Thank you, twofold Šue. The poem just came to me, as Zi mentioned. The Chalice ( from the palace, ha!) was only this a.m. and I have been too busy on other things ( like a BBC ghost story, Renember me! -álways a ghost story at Christmas!) but, I like what I have so far. Thank you.

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