Ninth November Blog

Lights, lights!

Lights, lights!

Ninth November Blog. 28-11-14

Under the Wire!

Almost December! But not quite. Christmas savings are gearing up, re the US’s great/horrendous/infamous. BLACK FRIDAY. Have you succumbed? I have not, as such.

There is going to be a 25% discount in one of the stores for clothing. Not going mad. Just one item interests me, if I can get the day down pat. But not really anything else.

Have a couple of cards, or three to send abroad. Should be more but the addresses are in the defunct computer!!! So I do the lazy thing and wait for people to send cards to me. Big problem there is that many of those sending to me, also leave it late. Guess many of my cards will arrive after Christmas. Cannot do much about it.

I have all the addresses for friends and family in this country. No worries. So guess I should use time to write them all and get them ready to go to the post next weekend, possibly?

I had intended to do at least two different themed blogs, but, I deliberate, cogitate and whatever else, so, for various reasons, you are getting me whittering about little except that Christmas does now loom large in our minds. Have we purchased the gifts we want to give, and at a price we can afford. Are we sure that what we give will be received with joy, wonder, horror? One never can tell!

Then there is the food. Christmas Day, being on a Thursday ( it is on a Thursday, isn’t it?), then we have to think, how much food will we need? Do we buy for the whole weekend as well, or just the two main days, then go out again and buy provisions on the Saturday? Decisions, decisions!

There are some who also have to purchase new clothes because they have been asked out to events, new family, dinners etc. this is the time to look around ( unless you do not care for discounts. Can happen!). Anyhoo, there are lots of discounts around, or so I see.

Daughter got a box of good body products. One was a small tube of hand cream. It brings back memories of times when dad grew roses. Large ones, half open; a bush full of flowers. I would rifle through the blooms, enjoying the aroma that lifted from the bush. The hand cream is exactly the scent of those roses, and so many lovely memories exude from the cap of that tube. Rubbed gently into the back of my hands, that scent lasts. They do not make that crem separately, it would seem?

So, this morning has seen us purchasing tiny and small trees, that fit our space. Bought lights, thought they were LED. When we checked at home, ordinary plug ins, Durn it!

Have a great weekend,



8 thoughts on “Ninth November Blog

    • She did help a great deal, did most of it for me. Even niw, if I get a oroblem, I go straight to my friend. Luckly, no problems of late. But I have the odd question that I must fibe time to put to her. She is very busy right now though. Do you have any onlibe friends that could help. Wish Ai could tptell you but it would be lije the blind leading the blind. Sorry!

    • Thank you Michelle, the sort of effect Zi am looking for. Do you still write? Do you have a fun poem bout women or womens issues. Can you send it to me via email?
      Evelyn. Ps or Facebook page?

  1. Sue, daughter and I had to be out early, so after we finished she asked did I wnt to go to Boots. Yes, I need some sweetners and they are cheaper for more there. Needless to say, we popped into anothet large retail emporium. I was goid, got a Lindt reindeer and a small box of chocolate liquers. Was forced to try the Framboise, delicious. Could do with the box that contained the champagne ( and others -could not read the contents of other three varieties – { 12 little bottles in one box} -so next tine -there is another same store more locally) will take magnifying glass!
    Tiny and 15 inch tree bought.

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