Eigth November Blog

I am very old.

I am very old.

Eighth November Blog. 26-11-14

Going to have to rush this blog out, sorry friends.

Been a rather stressful weekend! One way and another!

So much so, that, I am sorry to say, I have been in tears. Not really like me!!! I can cope with most things in my life. No, really, I can. Mostly, I come back and fight my corner. Not this weekend. Until Monday evening, daughter mentioned my new medication.

Light bulb went on! Room illuminated!

Of course! That was the answer. That night, I cut the dose from two a day to half a tablet at night only. Much better today. Back to old self. Just shows. You have no idea what you are being prescribed. This was for a very painful neck. I did nothing but sleep and be very depressed. I suppose I should go back to my GP, but honestly, I cannot be bothered. I will be in the area soon and will state my case at that time. Of course, on the off chance that I can actually get through to the surgery by telephone, Hmmh!! Then I might mention it. It will only be to a receptionist though.

I will be honest, my equipment slipped from my hand more than once. This worried me more than the sleeping. I went out like a light from midnight last night until 3. 50 a.m. but not much after that. Can understand why!

Had to wait at hospital to get home, nearly two hours. Long time. The day went pretty fast from then on. I think I shall be glad to ser the back of these few days.

Be good to each other.

Be kind to yourselves,



9 thoughts on “Eigth November Blog

  1. Glad to know it was only a dip caused by the medication Evelyn and that you’re back to your usual cheery, quick-witted self now. x

  2. sorry to hear of your troubles, Evelyn, and you’re right to be suspicious of medication. Most of it, I swear, does more harm than good, and we are told that we must put up with all the side effects. I think not! Take care of yourself!

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